Akubra Launches Range of Luxury Luggage and Accessories

acubraIconic Australian hat-makers AKUBRA, have agreed to grant DKM Blue the worldwide licensing rights to produce a new range of luggage and accessories for men and women. DKM Blue will be launching this exciting new collection in November this year.

Brothers Danny and Dorry Kordahi of DKM Blue will respect the classical feel that AKUBRA is famous for, but will add a contemporary twist to the range both in the design and the product line.   The range includes overnight bags, handbags, travel accessories, wallets and purses.  They are handsomely presented in gift boxes or dust bags and will be available through selected retailers, online and on QANTAS international flights as a duty free purchase.  The complete range is also available at

Danny Kordahi says, “This is a monumental opportunity for our company and for Akubra.  We embrace the opportunity to bring this historical brand to the modern online marketplace, to extend their brand and to build greater brand recognition within the luxury luggage and accessories arena.  The possibilities for both DKM Blue and Akubra are really endless.”

The Kordahi brothers have promised that their licensing will “respect the past and look forward to the future”. By respecting this auspicious past, Danny and Dorry will honour the Keir family who originated the famous Akubra hat over a hundred years ago.  As testament to the Keir name, the current Akubra Company is led by Stephen Keir IV who is the Chairman and Managing Director.  DKM Blue approached Akubra to consider taking it down a brand extension strategy and to create a collection of premium goods, which would both complement and enhance the Akubra brand.

AKU008 Brown - front copy

AKU014 Brown Croc - inside copy

AKU002 Black - front copy

AKU014 Brown Croc - front copy

AKU002 Brown - front copy

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