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Al Ru Farm offering gorgeous garden tours and farm-fresh lunches

South Australia’s Al Ru Farm is hosting guided walking tours through their farm gardens followed by a morning or lunch tea and meals.

A garden tour followed by a farm-fresh meal and tea sounds like a lovely group activity to us.

South Australia’s Al Ru Farm is hosting guided walking tours through their farm gardens followed by a morning or lunch tea and meals.

The farm, which primarily functions as a wedding venue, brings guests to view their flower gardens before cooking a cosy, garden-crisp meal. They cater to each group, customising according to dietary needs and seasonal ingredients. The meals are made with primarily farm-to-table ingredients, with much of the produce grown right in the farm’s in-house vegetable garden, and served right on the farm. 

Al Ru Farm usually recommends a menu based upon the seasonal ingredients available, and the customers and staff work together to design a meal incorporating fresh produce. Last week, the catering included chicken sandwiches, quiche, a warmed roast veggie salad, and asparagus and broccolini with feta cheese. 

The farm often has a focal dish as well, and for that meal, they made a gorgeous focaccia with a garden scene of fresh tomatoes, onions, rosemary, and coriander. 

“The offerings differ depending on seasonal produce, but there’s usually a mix of hot and cold items presented in share style,” says Tobi RIede, Al Ru’s functions manager.

The meals are set on long tables either on the homestead lawn for warm weather, or in the hay shed for cooler days. 

“On less warm days, we seat everyone in the hay shed. There’s a fireplace, and it’s protected from the cold, but there’s still garden views,” RIede says. 

Due to the large size of the meals, there is a minimum person requirement for the offerings. The popular garden tour with morning tea requires a booking of at least 12 people, and the tour with lunch requires a minimum of 15. A group of 12 can also choose to go on a guided tour without any food. 

Photos: HIRO photography.

The farm, which is owned by Alan and Ruth (AlRu) Irving, grows a range of produce. They have a variety of potatoes, spinach, cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots, a variety of herbs, and more. They use only their own olive oil from home grown olives, and they make mint tea from their own herbs. 

With this range of ingredients, each meal will be delicious and unique, and they’re excited to serve you.

“We absolutely love welcoming groups and sharing our ten acres of paradise,” the farm says. 

Find out more here or book your group tour by emailing [email protected]

Find Al Ru Farm at 1016 One Tree Hill Road.

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