Aldgate Community Fear For Significant Pin Oaks

PinOaksSix mature Pin Oaks in Aldgate are listed to be cut down next Monday and Tuesday  September 8-9th) despite the council not yet holding a community consultation.

The Aldgate community, who are not happy with the decision, are attempting to fight the council’s plan to cut down the trees.

The trees are described by residents as being a defining part of the Aldgate community, they “form an iconic backdrop to the Aldgate Villages”. Not only are their beautiful autumn leaves a sight to behold, but they also serve to create shade, noise buffering, wind buffering, and are fire retardants.

Residents claim that “every time another tree is cut down in our vicinity, we have noisy, sleepless nights… and tears. We hear the birds, possums and koalas trying to find new homes in other trees”.

If you would like to help Aldgate residents save their Pin Oaks, you can like their Facebook page and sign their petition on


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