All The Ways You Can Support Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day Appeal

From something as simple as buying a daffodil pin to hosting a raffle, we’ve got all the ways you can support the daffodil day appeal.


One of the most important dates in the calendar is coming in August. Friday 23 August marks Australia’s 33rd Daffodil Day but the appeal runs throughout the month of August, so we’ve compiled a list of the ways you can support the cause. 

This year, Cancer Council is aiming to raise more than $4 million for the 1 in 2 Aussies who will unfortunately be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, and their families.

Spread the yellow symbol of hope by donning the daffodil pin, brightening up the office with vases of the fresh flowers, or volunteer your time – to support those fighting to protect us and our loved ones.

Of course this sounds like something you’d love to get behind, but between all those pressing things buzzing around in your head it can be easy to push things to the last minute where it becomes difficult to work out the best way to get involved.

Luckily, we’ve done that work for you. Here’s our guide to supporting Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day Appeal, in both simple and meaningful ways.

  • Donate online here.
  • Donate your time or buy a daffodil pin or fresh daffodils. Find your nearest stall here.
  • Turn your workplace yellow! 
    • Turn your workplace into a Daffodil Day stall by pre-ordering daffodils and pins to sell, or host a fundraising activity or event at your workplace, selling baked goods, arts and crafts, or holding raffles. More info here.
  • Host an event at your school, home (or any location). Perhaps a yellow-themed morning tea or breakfast!
  • Turn your next sporting event or gym class yellow!
  • Organise a raffle
  • Head down to North Terrace on Daffodil Day to dedicate a daffodil to the Field of Hope. More info here.
  • Get creative! Contact the Daffodil Day team here to discuss your own fundraising idea

These things can so easily remain something we’re going to get around to eventually. And while taking action can sometimes be easier said than done, it’s important to remember that sadly 27 of us South Aussies are diagnosed with cancer every day.

We spoke to local and former Miss Universe Finalist, Stella Badenoch, who tells her story about how through a family member’s battle with cancer, she experienced first-hand the support that Cancer Council provides for patients and their families. 

Stella decided to reach out to the organisation to sign up to be a Cancer Council SA Ambassador. Three weeks after contacting Cancer Council SA, Stella’s world was suddenly rocked by cancer, for a second time.

“It wasn’t long after I sent the email that I found out a close friend of mine was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. He passed away just five days later. It was all so sudden, and cemented my decision to do something to give back.”

The work of the amazing researchers fighting for prevention and a cure, together with that of the support staff who are there for us when we need it most, wouldn’t be possible without us coming together as a community and volunteering our time and money.

For more information, visit the Daffodil Day Appeal website, phone 1300 65 65 85 or contact [email protected].

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