All Your Favourite Cult Icons, Celebrated In A Glam Artwork Collection

Check out this fantastic collection of artwork that celebrates celebrity icons who have pushed boundaries and challenged perceptions.


Fabulous Creatures, an exhibition by Adelaide Pop-Artist Markus Hamence, is a collection of artwork that celebrates celebrity icons who have pushed boundaries and challenged perceptions. Launched as part of the 2016 Adelaide Feast Festival, this exhibition holds true to Markus’s statement celebrity adoration.


Markus has been pushing revolutionary art work since 2013 and it’s nothing short of exuberant. This exhibition is no exception. Markus explores subject matter inline with a culture that gains inspiration from their much loved and worshipped idols. And besides, who doesn’t have an affinity with self-assured, independent 90s icon and all round babe, Cher?

“I like to present my art in a pop-culture format that incorporates images and words that have familiarity, provokes or connects at some level with the viewer, but first of all it has to be a subject that reflects a part of who I am or who I have been” Markus explains.

Check out the pieces, which are all for sale with prices starting at $750, below. To purchase please visit

kylie-minoge-hr lady-gaga-hr liza-minnelli-hr madonna-hr rupaul-hr stephen-fry-hr annie-lennox-hr barbra-streisand-hr boy-george-hr cher-hr cyndi-lauper-hr dannii-minogue-hr elizabeth-taylor-hr joan-rivers-hr adam-lambert

To purchase please visit

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