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Alliance Française French Film Festival: Love Affairs

Emmanuel Mouret’s tender and witty love story is one of the highlights of this year’s French Film Festival

As the title suggests, Love Affairs is a gorgeous movie that encapsulates everything to do with falling in love, falling out of love, embracing different types of love, partaking in affairs, dreaming of what could be and being able to let go with maturity and warmth when the time is right. It is uninhibited, delicate and beautifully told.

Currently screening as part of the French Film Festival, starring Camelia Jordana (Daphne) who is three months pregnant and Niels Schneider (Maxime) her boyfriend’s cousin, they develop feelings for each other as they reminisce about loves they have won, loves lost, and their most intimate desires. All delightfully played in the stunning French countryside with chateaux and landscapes.

Maxime is in desperate need to get away from his life, his broken heart and current situation. He’s a translator and aspires to become a writer. Maxime comes to stay for a few days when Daphne has been left at home while her partner Francis is working away.

Two strangers pitched together by circumstance with lots of interconnected stories and romantic entanglements to divulge, and Daphne loves to listen to other people’s love stories….

The movie is intimate, charming, funny, heartbreaking and respectful. The narratives tell of heartaches, stirred emotions and regret in a raw way. Glances and sexual chemistry are very real.

The strong piano score is poetic and adds to the emotion.

The movie makes you laugh, feel their pain and want to see everyone happy in the end. It leaves us with lots of possibilities of what the future could hold for all. Well worth a watch.  

This film has received 13 nominations to date for the 46th Cesar Awards. The most nominations for any eligible film.

Reviewed by Gemma Crossland

Love Affairs is currently screening as part of the Alliance Francaise French Film Festival at Palace Nova Eastend and Prospect.

Click here for screening times, and to book tickets.

GORGEOUS 3.5 stars

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