Amazing Adelaide Photographers On Instagram: Didi Photos

Amazing Adelaide Photographers Owning Instagram: Didi Photos

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Instagram. It’s become a platform for all manner of things. We’ve seen businesses start on Instagram, we’ve seen people get famous using Instagram and we’ve even seen animals become household names thanks to this social media platform. Remember that dog with the ‘Phteven’ meme? Well the dog’s name is Tuna and he has 1.7 million Instagram followers. Yeah, we’ll just let that sink in for a second. But we want to focus for a moment on some real South Aussie talent showing off what they have on Instagram…

Each week we will be bringing you the story and photography of some of Adelaide’s most amazing photographers that you can find on Instagram. This week it is all about Didi Photos a.k.a Matthew Symons:

Who: Didi Photos, or Matthew for those playing along in real life and not on Instagram, is a photography fiend. It all started back in 2010 when he got involved with a skateboarding magazine. Taking photos and writing articles; it was like an instant obsession. After a lot of learning, watching youtube videos and sourcing advice from other photographers, his passion continued but soon turned from skateboarding to landscape.

Where: Living in Kanmantoo means that most of Matthew’s photos feature that area. But when he has time he focuses on areas throughout the Adelaide Hills. With a love for photographing any part of our state’s amazing countryside, he also thoroughly enjoys showing off the Whyalla sunsets and stars (which he can do when he heads there for work).

What: Matthew uses a Canon 5d mk3, which he purchased after giving up smoking. That would be two wins in our opinion! He’s healthier, and we get to enjoy and experience all of his amazing work!

Why: Photography can be more than just an art and Matthew has found that it has helped heal many wounds whilst giving him something to share with his friends and family, and now his loyal social media following.

To follow his amazing work follow Matthew at @didi_photos or find him on Facebook.

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