Amazing Adelaide Photographers Owning Instagram: Daniel Kiritsis

Part Three of this ongoing series is here…

Instagram. It has become a platform for all manner of things. We’ve seen businesses start on Instagram, we’ve seen people get famous using Instagram and we’ve even seen animals become household names thanks to this social media platform. Remember that dog with the ‘Phteven’ meme? Well the dog’s name is Tuna and he has 1.7 million Instagram followers. Yeah, we’ll just let that sink in for a second. But we want to focus for a moment on some real South Aussie talent showing off what they have on Instagram…

Each week we will be bringing you the story and photography of some of Adelaide’s most amazing photographers that you can find on Instagram. Following on from last week’s edition (see it here), this week it is all about Daniel Kiritsis.

Who: Daniel is a sunset capturing genius! Growing up near the beach (Henley Beach to be exact), he has been inspired by Adelaide’s signature sunsets “…with their endless unique array of colours and textures that occur on a regular basis.”

From this he has an Instagram full of amazing landscape and seascape shots from around our amazing state. He does also like to dabble in the urban scene, as well as getting completely away from civilisation to shoot under the night sky.

After a trip to Europe in 2014, photography has also inspired him to travel more and from this he has hopes to create more opportunity to travel and broaden his photography.

Where: If it wasn’t already pretty obvious Daniel loves to shoot Adelaide’s beaches and he has captured some of the best shots that we have ever seen of Henley Beach!

What: At the tender age of 15 he purchased his first DSLR camera. At first it was just to capture his experiences but it actually ended up enhancing his photography leading to the photos that you see across his Instagram account today. These days he is mostly using a Nikon D750 equipped with a Nikon 16-35mm. He does use some filters or Lightroom to edit, but he is continually looking to learn and discover new ways to improve his art.

Why: Apart from the fact that it is obviously an absolute passion of his, Daniel loves to be able to share his photography across his social media platforms so that other people can enjoy it as much as he does.

Daniel’s Tip: Remember that the best camera is the one that’s on you and don’t be afraid to experiment with what you have.

To see more of his amazing work follow Daniel at @danieljkiritsis or find him on Facebook.

Daniel K

The first stars of 2016 captured at Middleton Point.

Daniel K

Henley Beach.

Daniel K

Under the Henley Beach jetty.

Daniel K

Hindley Street, Adelaide.

Daniel K

Henley Beach.

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