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An Adelaide Challenge: 24 Eats In 24 Hours

The ultimate test of endurance. A new venue, a new meal or drink, every hour for a whole twenty-four hours. Find out where we visited, because you can definitely enjoy a meal in Adelaide at any hour.

Because the food lovers of Glam Adelaide are insatiable, we’re proud to welcome our new team member, creative chef consultant Billy Petropoulos. Coming from a Greek household in Adelaide, his passion for food was developed at an early age. After receiving a culinary education, he traveled internationally and eventually settled in London. Through his career he has cooked for celebrities, royalty and in some of the finest Michelin star restaurants. His talent eventually led to employment as executive head chef for Australian celebrity chef Bill Granger. Since then Billy has successfully trained staff and opened over 18 restaurants worldwide. Seeing as his strength is through creating recipes, he relocated back to Adelaide to start his consultancy company Billy & Co. And when he’s not working on his cookbook or continuing to launch various establishments globally as a chef consultant, you’ll be able to find him here at Glam Adelaide. And what an article to kick things off with!

I have always been a firm believer in having a personal list of the top 5 restaurants or bars where you should enjoy a good meal. Often people ask me, “You’re a chef, so where’s your favourite place to eat? What’s your favourite cuisine?” You might as well ask me what’s my favorite cuisine to cook; it’s never an easy answer. Whenever traveling to a country, my first thought is where to eat first. I’m eager to explore different interpretations of food and experience what each culture has to offer. Where do you choose to eat and how do you go about making that decision? I personally love visiting a place for what is has to offer as a whole. No guidebooks with explanations, no apps to tell me their ratings and no blogs expressing their reviews. I simply go for the experience while sticking to my rule of thumb; a menu that caters for everyone and a room visually appealing to the eye. I’ll often go to a place just to enjoy one dish. In fact, I’ll enjoy a dish so much, the entire restaurant will land in my top 5. Food is not only about nourishing our bodies but a means to build relationships, bringing us together. When I go back for specific dishes, the experience comes alive again and it often leads me to exploring the entire menu.

But the question still remains, “where is your favourite place to eat?” In Adelaide, there are so many different places, each establishment is delicious and unique in it’s own way. In fact there are so many great places that I took it upon myself to have a 24 hour binge! Yup, I spent 24 hours this week bar (and restaurant) hopping at some of Adelaide’s best places. Have a friend coming into town? Fancy a late night drink? Maybe you’ve got someone flying in quickly for a business meeting? I’ve found something for everyone at every hour.

16 McHenry St, Adelaide
French toast, poached apricots, maple, almonds, mascarpone, nuts and seeds.
If you’re in need of something besides the usual coffee for breakfast, a better start to your day requires French toast from this little hidden gem. A vibrant team features pastries made all in house by the Duchess herself, Shinae. The French toast – must add candied bacon

78 Pirie St, Adelaide
Danwich, pastry filled with sautéed mushrooms, spinach, smoked mozzarella.
Be prepared to queue for these unique, quality pastries. Owner Jonny & his team are up at the crack of sparrow to craft mouthwatering baked goods filled with exotic combinations and creative names. With an impressive Scandinavian design, it’s hard not to enjoy goods that are made fresh daily on site. Impressive little patisserie.

Abbots & Kinney9am – BAR 9 OUTREACH
34 Whitmore Square, Adelaide
Heaps Good Ice Drip Coffee
If you appreciate the art of coffee as much as Ian Callahan, then you know sourcing a caffeine fix can be some serious business. Ian’s up to his old tricks again, educating people. His latest creation offers the complexity of a coffee with the filtered, lasting energy of Ice Drip. More than a caffeine kick, a single shot stimulates the brain to engage creative thinking and boost productivity without anxiety. This miracle brew is available at all Bar 9 locations.


Good cold drip is worth traveling for!

191-195 Wright St, Adelaide
Specialty Coffee Roaster – Filter 3 Cajamarca
Whatever the blend, whatever the coffee, Emily and her team have you covered. They roast on site some seriously clean, filtered, aromatic tasting flavours. Besides being a trained chef with an impressive menu, Emily also has a gift for design. This is a great place to catch up with friends in a colorful, retro setting.

My Kindom Of A HorseSMall

It’s impossible not to get a lift in a place like this!

11am – JAM FACE
Stall 28-29 Adelaide Central Markets
Scrambled eggs, parmesan, rye toast, rocket salad.
Poh Ling Yeow, owner and creator of this beautiful space, has brought new life into the Central Markets. Having a spot to explore creatively, Poh showcases her skills with dynamic sweets and delicious offerings. Where scrambled eggs are creamy and velvety, come grab a seat tucked away in the heart of the bustling markets.

12pm – CHICKEN & PIG
78a Pirie St, Adelaide
Wood Roasted Chicken Panini, slaw, chipotle mayo.
Ingredients sing when slow roasted in a wood oven. No seriously, everything tastes better in a wood oven. Kosta, from Chicken & Pig, understands this and must prepare everything for a busy lunch. Get in quick, as you’ll only have 2 hours to grab something because when he sells out, he sells out fast! With exceptional flavours and salads that call out to you, it can be difficult to decide. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

22 Peel St, Adelaide
Conchiglioni, pancetta, Adelaide hills mushrooms, zucchini.
What does Italy taste like? Large shell pasta filled with bite size, locally found mushrooms, parmesan and a hint of chilli. A mix of Mum’s authentic Italian food, that possesses extraordinary street style. Quick, simple and packed full of flavor. Alessandro and Stefano do what they do best. With a menu that changes once they’ve run out, be sure to expect a variety of options.

Nonna Mallozzi

Even on cold days, Nonna Malozzi is warming!

33 Gilbert St, Adelaide
Pure Green, celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, cos, parsley, ginger, apple, lemon.
When the body needs a refreshing pick me up, grab something alkalinizing, clean and pure. These impressive little juices are pressed free from pathogens, additives and preservatives. It’s hard to resist the smart, minimalist packaging that highlights its organic ingredients so well; the colour shines out from the bottle. Oh, not to mention it’s dairy free and vegan!

147 Pirie St, Adelaide
Spiced Tomato & Lentil Soup.
Wintertime calls for hot stews, long roasts and soups. Andy & Mike of Hello Sarnie have you sorted if you require quick, simple but fresh takeaways. A great model, everything is made daily, all in house by a chef and promptly packaged. The best part? What isn’t sold by the end of the day gets donated to charity. Good food and a good cause, fabulous!

Hello Sarnie

If your sandwich doesn’t look like these, then you’re missing out.

19 Peel St, Adelaide
Dirty Martini
Looking for a spot to relax after work? Or perhaps meet up with a special someone? This warm and intimate bar is set against an impressive bare brick wall. It’s a great little place to enjoy delicious quick bites and cool, funky cocktails. Although it boasts a great selection of quality liquor, beers and wine, I highly recommend the dirty martini. Two olives and lots of brine? The dirtier, the better.

11-13 Leigh St, Adelaide
Drinking at this quaint wine bar instantly transports you to Spain. If you’ve never been, this place isn’t far off from the real experience. As blood oranges are in season, why not enjoy a negroni under exposed wooden beams in moody lighting? Modern, warm and cozy. This bar offers great tapas variety; an inviting must see. Olé!

158 Hutt St, Adelaide
Mushroom & Béchamel Croquetas.
Italian or Spanish, you’ll get the best of both worlds here. Just located in the outskirts of the CBD, indulge in small tapas that will appease your appetite. Attractive dark wood and checkered floors creates an eloquent ambiance. Vegetarian starters are available and during the weekends, the paella is a lunch must!

89 King William Rd, Adelaide
Mac ‘n’ Cheese balls, truffle aioli.
Don’t let the name fool you. Diving deep into this underground, American influenced bar beholds a great treasure. Mac n Cheese balls! The cheesier, the better. With a batch selling out in a single night, these babies are an experience in themselves. Presented on wooden boards, they’ll be devoured and you’ll want to order more. Oh and don’t forget to try the wings.

125 Gilles St, Adelaide
Margherita pizza, fior di latte, olive oil, basil.
With an alluring mosaic wood oven, this place certainly pays attention to detail. Great aesthetics and pizza the way it should be. It’s light, thin, crisp and comes to the table Italian style, uncut! Offering remarkable simplicity in taste and design, this spot is a go to for gathering together for delicious pizza.

15 Peel St, Adelaide
Cheeseburger, mustard, red onions, pickles, American cheese.
Ahh, cheeseburgers and beer! Two classic combinations for a good night out. Not going to lie, what makes this particular destination so great? From the menus, to the seating arrangements, this place has an incredible design. Not only humble and bustling, this wood grill is known for it’s amazing burger. Balanced flavours and perfectly proportionate, it’s the quintessential all American cheeseburger.

10pm – APOTHECARY 1878
118 Hindley St, Adelaide
Onkaparinga Brie and a perfect drop
If an extravagant boutique is something you’re after, than check out this menu of carefully selected fine wines, local cheese and snails. Engulfed in rich, deep reds this place is relaxing to sit back and engage with friends. A cheese plate and a glass of red wine is a fine pairing for an evening of good conversation.

11pm – BINGS
6/85 Grote St, Adelaide
Gyoza, mandu, jiaozi. Whatever you call them, these Chinese dumplings are a hit! Located in Chinatown, this is the best place to order quickly and enjoy. Great for those pressed for time. You can even witness its dumpling master at his best, front and center making them fresh. Taste tip: remember not to coat them in soya sauce, eat them natural.

19 Gouger St, Adelaide
Ferrero waffle – Belgian waffle, chocolate, wafer balls, crushed hazelnuts, nutella, chocolate drops, vanilla ice cream.
Something for every sweet tooth, you’ll find a variety of sophisticated dishes in the late hours of the night. After a row of cute tables, you’ll reach a snug area to lean back and indulge in some divine chocolate. Worth having a look if you’re yearning for something more than dinner and drinks. This may be the sweetest spot to experience with a date!

St Louis

The perfect midnight indulgence!

114 Gouger St, Adelaide
Premium Tea smoked duck
Perhaps you’ve just ended a work shift and need a low-key place to go with your co-workers. Popular with the hospitality crowd, this place is known for serving some awesome tea smoked duck at the latest hour. It’s been around for years and is an excellent option if you’re craving Chinese cuisine.

43 O’Connell St, North Adelaide
No frills here, sometimes all you need is a late night indulgence. Marinated lamb, crispy fries, tzatziki and chilli sauce. Certainly not for the faint of heart, this dish was made to be conquered. Red or Blue cafe? Blue. No Red. No Blue. Whichever you choose, it doesn’t matter, you be the judge. Just don’t forget to bring your best mates.

128-130 O’Connell St, North Adelaide
Cronut Cones
24/7 Heaven. A mixture between a croissant having a baby with a donut and behold, the cronut cone. This little indulgence is filled with ice cream and topped with ice magic. If you’re not in the mood for something sweet, there’s a huge selection of hot foods, salads and plenty of other baked goods. Home of the pie floater and the original nutella heart.

Regent Arcade 110 Grenfell St, Adelaide
Vodka espresso, honeycomb, coffee, sugar
New to hit the Adelaide scene is an extravagant late night supper club. From the moment you step inside, you experience something truly special. Savour the taste of caviar, sip champagne bubbles and appreciate excellent table service. Sundays & Mondays, are closed to private events. Which makes this fine dining venue the ultimate affair for a lavish party or function.

Ground Floor in the Adelaide Casino, North Terrace
Big Barossa Breakfast, bacon, eggs, tomato, sausage, hash browns, mushrooms, toast
Now open 24 hours, this Casino café is the perfect stop for a late night snack or early breakfast. From lamb shanks to Asian inspired dishes, they’ve got something for everyone. After a few hours of gambling or if you’re in need of a place to eat, check this place out.

13 Gilbert St, Adelaide
Jamaican Banana
Last but not least, pancakes! There’s nothing like a good business that offers consistency with texture and flavor. Happy days to finish off with simple caramelized bananas, banana sauce and a buttermilk pancake stack. Soft, delicious and 24 hours. What more could you ask for?

Rest up Billy, you’ve earned it!

Be sure to follow Billy online via his Instagram. You can contact him via his email or share your own 24 hours food adventures in Adelaide with the #heybillystable

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