An Adelaide Food Truck Fave Sneaks On To The Restaurant Scene

An Adelaide Food Truck Fave Sneaks On To The Restaurant Scene

That Sneaky Pickle has set up its new digs…


It seems their popularity as one of Adelaide’s fave food trucks has done good things, because Sneaky Pickle are taking their wheels off road and setting up shop. Or restaurant in this case…

The mobile food van has been cruising the streets of Adelaide serving up American style fare since late 2012. You would usually find them around Hindmarsh Square serving up their unique style of hot smoked meat sandwiches. But we are all about their fried pickles and chilli fries.

Well now, due to popular demand, they have found a spot to set up their new digs where they will continue to serve up everyone’s faves such as their Pulled Pork Sandwich. Now don’t go judging when you hear where their new site is, it by no means has anything to do with what they will be serving, or how they will be serving. You will find them in the old Love Shack on Goodwood Road. Yes, that love shack… We think delicious food is much more sanitary!

With the restaurant set to open its doors on Wednesday 9 March after eight months of negotiations and renovations, the guys will be serving up one last time (for a while at least) from their food truck. If you want to see them then head to, you guessed it, Hindmarsh Square between 11.30am and 2pm. The perfect Friday lunchtime treat.

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