An Adelaide Guide To Late Night Dining

Because we are still hungry after 9pm…


We’ve often wondered why the hell people in Adelaide eat out so early! Does the 6pm sitting exist solely so we can all get home in time to watch the necessary amount of reality television and Netflix? Seriously, there’s nothing more embarrassing than being out of the loop at the office water cooler the next day, right?

Well, we are a little less interested in the TV and much more interested in having a medium rare steak at 11pm. Because, food! And since science has conclusively proven that eating late only has negative health effects if you eat crap, there’s really nothing holding us back. So we sent one of our Glam writers out on the town to discover where you can score that late night feast…

While the late night culture of Sydney and Brisbane are receding quicker than George Brandis’ hairline, Adelaide is fast emerging as a significant cosmopolitan dining destination. And whether they like to admit it or not, most people in Adelaide are food snobs. So when the time ticks past 9.30pm and the desire for a meal without a side of fries remains, you should keep this guide in your pocket. Especially on date night. There’s nothing more attractive than a prospective partner who can feed you properly at all hours. It’s how I met my wife and believe me, I’m punching well above my weight because I know where to find Carpaccio when everyone else is choking down dry falafel.

Enough with the lead in – here are the places who verified to us that they can feed you after 9pm:

2KW – Call them before 11pm and they’ll sort you out on Friday & Saturday.
2 King William St // 8212 5511

Some places that say they’re open til ‘late’ don’t really deliver. When we called the rooftop-bar-restaurant to ask what ‘late’ actually meant, we were told that they could sort us out with a plate from their meat and cheese lockers as late as they’re open (just give them a call in advance to see where they’re at). A grazing plate at 5 stories up after 11pm is exactly how I like to treat my Mum after a night out of theatre. Somehow, she’s started forgiving me for those wonderful years when I was a teenage boy using up all the Internet bandwidth…

2KW 4 2KW 2 2KW

BBQ City – Serving until 10.30pm every night.
84 Gouger St // 8212 8299

Duck, Pork, Chicken, Greens, Rice. Plus they have live fish swimming in a couple of tanks inside the restaurant. I pointed at one once, and the chef cooked him really nicely for me.

Bread & Bone Wood Grill – Serving until 11pm every night.
15 Peel St // 8231 8535

Now, I know that at the top of this article we made fun of fries on the side. But this is different. The burgers at Bread & Bone can make adults weep with delight – a bit like when Mum used to finally cave and take you through the McDonald’s drive-thru as a kid, except now those burgers taste and feel like soggy sadness. You can easily lose track of time at their downstairs speak-easy Maybe Mae (or any small bar in the vicinity), so it’s good to know they’re grilling until late.

Bread And Bone Bread And Bone 3

Casablabla – Serving pizza & chips from 10.30pm to midnight on Friday and Saturday.
12 Leigh St // 8231 3939

One night after a concert at the Festival Centre, we got chatting to a crew of performers who were madly keen to party on for their last night in Adelaide. Casablabla came through for all with one of the best nights of dance and food we’ve had in recent memory. Sure, it was a restricted menu but when you try their pizza you’ll realise why they get a mention here.

East Taste – Serving until 12.30am weeknights, and 1.30am on weekends.
119 Gouger Street // 8231 0268

Hospitality workers knocking off after midnight know that when you want a proper post-shift feed, this is one of the places that you head to… Shallot pancakes, salt and pepper eggplant and BBC (that’s stir-fried broad bean curd with Chinese chutney for those uninitiated) will set you right every time.

Hains & Co. – Serving cheese plates and finger food until midnight (Tue-Sun)
23 Gilbert Place // 8410 7088

Sometimes, you just want to one-up that annoying person tagging along with your crew who keeps telling you they know where to get the ‘best cheese plate in Adelaide’. Put that douche in their place and give them an extra side of smug as they eat humble D’Argental.

Hains and Co Hains and Co 3

La Buvette – Serving until 11pm from Tuesday to Saturday.
27 Gresham Street // 8410 8170

The chef at La Buvette is a young French woman called Caroline (or just Caro if you know her). She wants you to come in after 10pm – she told me so. Their french morsels will more than tie you over and the whole package of this place is just damn sexy. Peut-on venir? Oui oui!

La Buvette La Buvette 2

La Rambla Tapas Bar – Serving until 10.30pm Tue-Fri and to 12.30am Saturday.
28 Peel St // 8410 0020

Three stories of glory with a brilliant outdoor dining area on level one, high tables and scrumptious morsels. Arancini, Pork Belly and Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes) always satisfy.

La Trattoria – Serving until 11pm on Friday & Saturday
346 King William Street //
8212 3327

It’s not like my family ever cooked me a Scallopina Cacciatora at 10pm, so screw Nonna’s cooking and tuck into the outstanding traditional Italian fare of La Tratt.

Pink Moon Saloon – Serving until 11pm all week.
21 Leigh Street

Much like the women on my Mum’s side of the family, this place is slim up top but has a hearty caboose, meaning there’s always room at the rear to park yourself down and enjoy some evening protein and sandwiches. The Australian recently summed this place up to a tee – “Preparation is precise, flavours and textures balanced, ­ingredients selected with care and attention.”

Press* – Call them before 11pm and they’ll sort you out (Mon-Sat)
40 Waymouth Street // 8211 8048

Press take last orders in their restaurant around 9.30pm, but they don’t close until midnight. If they’re full when you arrive (which they usually are) they’ll send you around the corner to their small bar, Proof, until a table frees up. Then it’s Spice-Rubbed Quail and Steaks all round!

Press Press 2 Press 3

San Giorgio Pizzeria – Serving past midnight every night of the week.
217 Rundle Street // 8223 1700

San Giorgio’s serve up a dozen Oysters Kilpatrick and a glass of Pinot at any hour. Somehow, their menu tastes even better when enjoyed after midnight while watching the twenty-somethings count their shrapnel to see what they can still afford from Zambrero’s across the road.

Ying Chow – Serving until 12.30am most nights of the week.
114 Gouger Street // 8211 7998

Who’s BBC is better – Ying Chow’s or East Taste’s? The correct answer is, who cares. What I will say about Ying Chow though, is their Pork Ribs are something special, and a big part of the reason I remain happily married.

We recommend calling each place before you just rock up to be safe, and check the menus to see what’s going to suit your taste. We’ve only included here what we could verify. And look, by all means drown yourself in the garlic sauce of a good Yiros when you’re up late. But don’t think for a second that’s all you could be eating.

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