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The Mayfair Hotel Is All A Buzz (Literally) With Some Deliciously Sticky News

Let’s just say that the honey on your toast, or in your cocktail probably won’t ever get much fresher than this…

When you think about one of Adelaide’s top rated 5-star hotels, that just happens to have its own rooftop, you probably don’t think bee hives. Well you do now…

The Mayfair Hotel, who embraces all things local produce and sustainable practices, have installed bee hives on its roof. Those lucky bees have the best damn view in town.

Now you are probably asking the same question that we did when we heard about this… Why? Well Head Chef Bethany Finn also happens to be a bee enthusiast and apiarist (that’s a fancy word for bee keeper). Having already applied a strong focus on sustainability and use of local produce across the Mayfair’s menus, Bethany and the hotel wanted to do more in supporting the protection of bees.

Head Chef Bethany Finn and General Manager Martin Radcliffe.

Head Chef Bethany Finn and General Manager Martin Radcliffe.

Mayfair Hotel General Manager Martin Radcliffe said, “We fully support this initiative. It is the policy of the management of the hotel to be as sustainable as possible in all our practices and we are constantly looking for new initiatives to support this ethos. Drawing on Bethany’s knowledge and skills to create the Mayfair Rooftop Bee is an exciting project. Bees are such an important part of the plant based food cycle and to assist in the promotion and support of bees and, in turn, the role they play in the production of local produce meant the entire project ticked all the boxes for us.”

It seems that the 5-star rating applies to the bees as well, as they settle in to their secluded and specially designed hive atop the luxurious boutique hotel. The dedicated hive area includes a number of plants to act as windbreaks and they have already found their ‘flight path’. So let the honeycomb and honey producing commence!

With all of this fresh honey, you would hope that the Mayfair will be doing something delicious with it… And they will be! The honey produced by the Mayfair Rooftop Bees will feature throughout the hotel – from the Honey Trap cocktail at HENNESSY, to Honey Pana Cotta for in house banquets. Plus, hello amazingly fresh honey for your toast or muesli at the breakfast buffet. And of course, Bethany will be using the honey in dishes created for the Mayflower Restaurant.

Honey and Lemon Curd with a White Chocolate and Honey Mud Cake.

Honey and Lemon Curd with a White Chocolate and Honey Mud Cake.

It will even be given as a VIP guest gift, and eventually the hotel is hoping the honey will also be available for guests to purchase as a take home memento of their stay, and a reminder of fantastic SA produce.

We are buzzing to get to the hotel to try all of the honey related things, especially that cocktail!

Find out more about the Mayfair Hotel here.


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