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An Adelaide Letterbox Is Being Turned Into A Gin Snuffleupagus

Gin + Adelaide Location = Success

Well done, you clicked on the link. You wanted to know what the hell we were talking about, because we mentioned GIN. And maybe also Snuffleupagus (which we had to spell check before blazing it across social media).

You’re an epic gin lover and you don’t care how you get your diamond-coloured magic in a glass, as long as you also get to experience Adelaide while you’re doing it. You’re our people.

It’s been suggested that there’s far too many articles kicking around about GIN + BARS or any other location for that matter, but we’d have to disagree. Or maybe it just seems repetitive. Gin tasting this, gin pop up bar that, gin adventure here, gin dinner there, but there’s a simple reason.

Venues and distillers are GIVING THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.

Gin is in. It’s that simple. And South Australia is the unofficial Gin Capital of Australia.

We have an abundance of amazing craft gin distillers here, endless varieties to try, and creative concepts on how to enjoy them flying around constantly.

Have you had the Green Ant Gin yet? What about the Shiraz Gin? You can try smooth, subtle gins if you like things more traditional, or crazy out there concoctions, bursting with botanicals you never thought you’d be serving up on ice. There’s really something for everything – as long as you like gin of course.

So the idea of having events, or pop up bars dedicated to this delectable spirit makes sense. If people love their gin, let them have it. And if you’re not a fan, we’d recommend checking out South Australia’s ever-growing craft beer scene. As much as we are dedicated patrons to our SA wines, variety is the spice of life.


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As for the question, what’s does our headline mean? An Adelaide Letterbox Is Being Turned Into A Gin Snuffleupagus. Well it was originally cast about as a pay out, but as it turns out, technically, a Gin Snuffleupagas is a brilliant cocktail, so I guess it could be someone mixing up their next cocktail in their letterbox. Get the recipe here:

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