New pilates studio hits the beach for summer classes

Adelaide start-up Pilates Online invites beach lovers of all fitness levels to watch the sunrise every Friday morning from 6:30 am

A weekly beach pilates class has hit the shores of Henley. 

Adelaide start-up Pilates Online invites beach lovers of all fitness levels to watch the sunrise every Friday morning from 6:30 am. 

Led by best friends and qualified pilates instructors Jessie and Sarah, the duo guide participants through a 45-minute beach mat pilates session.

Jessie McKenna co-founder of Pilates Online says spending early mornings at Henley Beach is one of the best ways to start the day. 

“I will say it is one of the most beautiful settings I’ve ever seen, the beach is pristine and we have seen dolphins splashing in the water that’s crystal clear and there are the most beautiful sunrises,” said Jessie. 

The 45-minute shoreside classes begin with casual stretching before getting into a 30-35 minute Pilates class that concludes with 5 minutes of stretching. 

“We always end each class by sharing three things you’re grateful for, it’s a nice way to start the day.

“Then we direct everyone to Joe’s Henley Beach for a morning coffee.” 

The classes which are $10 each and held each Friday have already proven to be a hit. 

“We have started getting a really good crowd and we are getting regulars.”

As well as the weekly beach classes Pilates Online is launching digital classes. 

Hence the name, Pilates Online, Jessie and Sarah are preparing to launch a subscription service for online classes. 

“I did online mat work classes when I was training to be a pilates teacher in late 2020 and I would just get family and friends to come and join my classes, but it was a fun way to connect with everyone and I really enjoyed the online format.”

Given the current covid crisis, the online pilates classes will provide constant access to workouts regardless of whether local studios are allowed to open. 

Jessie also told Glam Adelaide that the subscription service is a great way for people of all abilities to try pilates. 

“We’re keeping it pretty simple to start, we are starting off with a website and down the track we will look into developing an app.

“We start filming at Studio Maid next Saturday and hope to launch on Friday the 11th of March.

“The plan for the launch is to have 40-50 online videos already recorded and uploaded and at least 5 new classes uploaded per week.

“ We plan to film around 20 [classes] a fortnight and this will be ongoing until we evolve to the next stage of perhaps creating challenges or in-person activations.”

Being “pre-filmed you can do it at your own pace” which is great for beginners and pilates masters alike. 

Jessie said “our goal for Pilates Online is to create a digital platform, where men and women can use pilates to increase strength, improve energy levels, posture and stability, to help them feel their best. We want to help people create real and sustainable change, both physically and mentally, through an easily accessible online platform.”

“Our Pilates classes at Joe’s Henley Beach have become an integral part of our upcoming brand launch and a beautiful way for people to connect in a tranquil environment.”

Tickets are still available for tomorrow’s beach pilates class, get yours here

Pilates Online subscriptions are $9.99 per week and include full access to Jessie and Sarah’s catalogue of classes. 

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