An eBook That Shows Off The Best Of South Australia

Get acquainted with the special eBook created by Australian Outdoor Living. It celebrates and shows off the best that our amazing State has to offer

One of Australia’s most recognised companies, Australian Outdoor Living, has created an eBook that shows off the best that South Australia has.

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They created the eBook in order to explore, in depth, a number of the amazing things about our wonderful state, and to have it all in one easy resource. We like easy.

Australian Outdoor Living really wanted to celebrate the outdoors leading into Spring and Summer, and there were just too many things to fit into a blog post. Understandable. South Australia has so many wonderful things happening.

The eBook explores everything from the climate and the land, to outdoor activity and tourism ideas. The book also gives an in-depth look at how South Australians live and enjoy the outdoors. From this, Australian Outdoor Living also wanted to explore property trends and how South Australians can add value to their home. It’s really an all encompassing eBook that has a little bit of something for everyone.

In an easy download, print and share format, the eBook isn’t a buyers guide or designed to help customers navigate the Australian Outdoor Living product range, but rather it is essentially to help us all get the most out of our amazing state and its unique offerings. Oh yes, the Glam team is all about that!

Having already launched similar eBooks for customers in Western Australia and Tasmania where the response has been fantastic, we can only imagine that South Australians will get behind the eBook in a similar way. We are a proud bunch so we want to get in on the State brag fest with the added bonus of enjoying the outdoors.

Download the eBook here.

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