An Eggs-Hibition Not To Be Missed!

An Eggs-Hibition Not To Be Missed!

We like our eggs ‘skrambled’…


This is scrambled eggs of a different kind… Skrambled Eggs is a fun photography exhibition, highlighting that it is not about the tools you use to capture a moment, but rather how you use those tools to capture that light; to create and to communicate.

You may have the expensive camera gear; lenses, studio lights and pricey camera bodies, which are wonderful things, but alone they do not make the image you see. It is all about the photographer. These things are just a tool that facilitate the voice of the photographer. These days anyone can see and capture the magic in the world. Hello, camera phone!

The concept behind the Skrambled Eggs photography exhibition is about highlighting just that. The only parameters set for Skrambled Eggs is that the original photo must be taken with a mobile phone, photographers are then free to use whatever post-production techniques they choose.

Skrambled Eggs is in its sixth year, has a new location, and its largest collection of eggs (err photographers) ever. The concept for Skrambled Eggs was created by South Australian, award winning, professional photographer Ben Liew, acclaimed for his Self Portrait series.

“The philosophy of Skrambled Eggs has always been that you don’t need expensive professional gear to have a great time with photography, it’s about working with what you have available to you, and these days, who doesn’t have a mobile phone in their pocket? Skrambled Eggs is what happens when you put a trained eye behind one.”

This years Skrambled Eggs features some 2 dozen amazing South Australian photographers! Several with awarding winning images in their cartons and a few fresh eggs developing their photographic language.

De La Liff will be hosting the eggs-hibition, a beautiful gallery space just off Rundle Mall. De la liff is also a Beyond Bank Art Partner and most works available at the gallery and during the Skrambled Eggs exhibition are able to be purchased with 12 months interest free on the Beyond Bank Art Card.

Sponsoring this wonderful eggs-hibition is Atkins Photo Lab, the oldest photo lab in Australia, who always aim to support the photographic industry.

The eggs-hibition opens from December 15 at De La Liff And runs through to January 12. Find out more here.

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