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An SA Culinary God Is Bringing Us A New Restaurant

If you’re a foodie in Adelaide have we got some hot off the press neeeeews for you!


If you’re a foodie in Adelaide have we got some hot off the press neeeeews for you! Coming to our streets (and tastebuds) very soon is the latest food sensation from SA food guru Jock Zonfrillo. You heard it here first.

Restaurant Blackwood, will not, in fact, be in the suburb of Blackwood (you’ll be looking to Rundle Street instead) but the glimpses we’ve seen show us a dark and mysterious forest where we’re certain only magic will take place.

His portfolio boasts the likes of global award winning Restaurant Orana. That menu is filled with the most Australiana style cuisine we have ever seen, we’re talking way more than just your standard medium rare roo loin (though that’s on there too.) How about giving Moreton Bay fig & pandanus or Alexander palm, native honey & green ants (yes, actual ants) a try. It’s definitely one that’s for the adventurous eaters among us, but every last dish on the menu is filled with an unrivalled flavour and originality that has put them on the map!

There’s also been the fabulous Street ADL, just underneath Orana (how convenient). For those of us with champagne dreams but lemonade pockets. We’ve still been able to indulge in the culinary genius of Jock’s repertoire, but for under the $50 mark. Much appreciated. We loved the Fire Pit Pumpkin with Goats curd, spiced macadamia & crispy saltbush. To die for.

That’s not to mention his previous incredible accolades including the incomparable Penfold’s Magill Estate Restaurant, which he and the rest of the team elevated to such fabulous heights.

If the upcoming Restaurant Blackwood is anything like the gastronomical dreams Jock has served us up in Adelaide before, we’re in for a real treat. Lips have been tightly locked, all we know is more brilliant Australian cuisine will be on the menu and Rundle Street is going to be blessed with another brilliant eatery.

Whatever it is you’re bringing us Lord Zonfrillo, we accept.


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