Andre’s Cucina and Polenta Bar

AndresNew on the Adelaide restaurant scene is Andre’s Cucina and Polenta Bar, but this is not the usual Italian restaurant. Promising an intimate dining experience unlike others you may have come to expect, Andre’s aims to serve up a taste of the real Italy. Simple flavours and delicious food.

A dream three years in the making, Andre’s offers a range of traditional polenta dishes, along with platters designed to share amongst friends. Waiters explain the shared plate concept and assist customers with making selections from the food and wine menus.

Firstly, choose your assaggini from the La Cucina menu; these are share plates of meats, cheeses, vegetable and condiments, or a selection of foods prepared using traditional methods. Then move onto your choice of polenta, a deliciously creamy cornmeal based dish, dressed with tomato based salsas and cheese sauces.

A surprising delight are the crostini, served with a variety of toppings including an artichoke pâté and marscapone cream. The dessert menu is short but delicious and the wine list includes Italian varieties as well as some South Australian favourites.

Owner Andre Ursini of Channel 10’s Masterchef 2009 says that he wants customers to come into his restaurant for a unique experience. In the essence of shared dining, Andre’s Cucina and Polenta Bar takes bookings of 5 or more people, smaller groups are able to walk in and dine at bar style seating around the restaurant.

For more information, check out or phone 8224 0004 to make a booking.

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