Angus And Julia Stone – A Rock Hard Sibling Duo

With their latest album “Snow” still high up in the charts and a fresh tour on the way, Angus and Julia Stone are taking the world by storm. We caught up with Angus for a chat about what’s coming up for the dynamic duo.

You’ll be playing here on Friday the 25th of May, looking forward to kicking off the tour?

Yeah man absolutely we had a bit of a break from the last world tour we had a couple of months off just to reset.

It’s good to have some down time, you’ve been pretty flat out travelling all over the world.

It’s been solid. But it’s been really amazing to share the music, and we’re really proud of this new record so it’s all good…

You current have the single “Chateau” sitting at no. 26 in the ARIA charts, how do you feel about that?

It’s pretty cool. When we wrote it we were just in the studio and kind of just had this really special moment, it was really late at night, and it all just fell into place and it was really cool, it’s only later you get to sort of hear how people react to it, and it’s similar to the way you have those feelings when you first wrote it, it’s really nice to see it unfold and evolve as it has… We’ve got Triple J play and featured on the Hottest 100, it got a good place there and we’re pretty stoked. It just keeps on growing and growing that song…

Where did you come up with the album title “Snow”?

The title came to Julia and I. When we did that last record we worked really hard you know, we toured around the world for a couple of years and at the end of that tour we just took a break, it went for quite a while, we took nearly a year off. We got a call up from this festival in Switzerland called Unplugged and they asked us to headline this beautiful gig in some valley in a big circus tent. We went over there and we hadn’t played together in like a year but we had a really great time, that name sort of evolved from being there and just getting back together and it felt really real, it was a good energy and we had this discussion about maybe making another record. That was sort of the catalyst and we named the title after that.

How do you feel about having your songs featured on TV shows at the moment such as Revenge & Pretty Little Liars etc

Yeah it’s pretty epic… I was watching TV the other day and our song just come on and I was like “woah that’s crazy!”. We just feel really lucky and humble about the whole thing.

What’s your favourite festival you’ve played at so far to date?

Oh man! They’re all so incredible, I love Splendour and I love Falls Festival, but they’re all so special, there was Electric Picnic where we played before Bjork. We’re about to go over to Europe for a whole two months summer festival too!  

The national tour looks like it’s set to sell out, have you noticed a big change in crowd sizes increasing over these last few years?

Venues are definitely changing which is really exciting, We’re having to put on second shows at theatres, even in Sydney which is pretty special. If you work hard, and you’re creating like we are always (that’s what we do). Writing and making music. I guess if you do what you love, eventually people will see that and want to come along.

What’s it like working with your sister and do you always get along?

 It’s like any working relationship, just knowing when to leave space for each other, you know you work in such close proximity, touring and being in the studio, it’s really just become about understanding what each person wants in the room. We tour with the whole crew of lads and everyone has to work together. I think it’s really good for figuring out with relationships how to work with one another, constantly evolving and growing along the way.

Are you looking forward to touring Europe and overseas?

Yeah, we’re going to the states and Europe and touring around Australia, and then maybe at the end of the year we will think about making another record, but who knows…

What’s been your favourite country to tour so far?

Australia, with this tour we’re going a bit more regional, we’re looking forward to that, taking it easy through the tour and having a great time!

What is your favourite thing about being a musician, and when did you first get into music?

Our dad was a wedding singer, as a kid we would, on the weekends get taken along to these weddings, and it was a big part of our lives as kids. I think that’s quite infectious as a kid, whether you know it or not sooner or later it becomes a part of who you are, I think it’s just a matter of time growing up. I always loved writing and expressing myself through music, it’s a really powerful way of figuring out stuff you didn’t know about yourself and I feel very lucky to be able to actually put that to good use.

Was there a defining moment along the journey when you and your sister realised THIS IS IT!?

Yeah, It was more someone came along to Julia and I, it’s quite interesting, we used to play at open mic’s separately, she would back me and vice versa, sooner or later someone come along and said “why don’t you just do it together” so it sort of just happened naturally . We then did an EP and this whole thing started happening from then, it kind of uh, it just happened and went that way.

 Going all the way from small pub gigs to international super stardom, there’s no stopping the Stone siblings. Don’t miss Angus and Julia Stone, playing at Flinders University Plaza on Friday the 25th of May!

By Jonathan Matthews



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