Anomaly Film Studios In Hendon Open For Business

anomaly2Revamped film studios in Hendon, South Australia, open their doors this week to local, national, and international film producers.

Anomaly Studios Hendon will open for business from this week, providing filmmakers with access to an independently owned and operated affordable production facility.

“Independent and low to medium budget filmmakers have traditionally been restricted in their use of studios around the country, due to budget constraints,” says company director Daniel Phillips. “Our aim is to enhance studio offerings in Australia thereby increasing the potential for more great content. Low budget never looked so good.”

Previously operated by the SAFC (1981-2011), the reopened Anomaly Studios provide the full range of production facilities, catering specifically to projects with budgets up to $5M. While the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) will continue to own and operate its own film studios, the agency has given its support to the revamped Hendon studios.

“Having two operating studios in Adelaide reinforces South Australia’s filmmaking reputation and its capacity to attract independent production. Anomaly Studios Hendon provides the perfect complement to the Adelaide Studios, and has recently hosted a number of SAFC-supported productions including Wolf Creek 2, Danger 5 and Wastelander Panda,” said SAFC CEO Richard Harris.

The studio facilities have a proven track record in production with hundreds of independent Australian film and television producers working out of the facility over the last 30 years. Titles include Rabbit Proof Fence, Oranges and Sunshine, The Boys are Back, Last Ride, Ten Canoes, and Red Dog to name a few. Rolf de Heer’s The King is Dead! was officially the last production to use the facilities prior to SAFC’s departure in 2011.

“I’ve been working here since 1987. I still work here in 2014. I love the studios,” says Rolf de Heer.

Anomaly Studios is managed by Anomaly principals Daniel Phillips, Andrew Graue and Charles Billeh; a team of passionate, independent filmmakers who are committed to providing affordable, professional studio facilities to the film industry.

In addition to Federal Government financial incentives, such as the 40% Producer offset and the 16.5% location offset, there are further financial incentives for shooting in South Australia provided by the state government via the SAFC.

“There are a wide range of incentives available to filmmakers shooting in South Australia” says Anomaly partner and Sydney based producer Charles Billeh. “Not only does Anomaly Studios beat any studio hire price in the country, but under the current re- investment model we’re able to provide in-kind financial support to producers with low to medium budgets in exchange for equity.”

Anomaly Studios is located 20 minutes from the Adelaide CBD and boasts two large sound stages, post-production facilities including an edit suite, sound edit suite and foley stage, as well as numerous production offices on two levels.

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