Apparently Ladies Don’t Wear Pants…

“Mini or Maxi? We ask the fashion experts which is the dressiest summer style… and why some RAFW models weren’t wearing dresses at all!”

“Mini or Maxi? We ask the fashion experts which is the dressiest summer style… and why some RAFW models weren’t wearing dresses at all!”

If this years Rosemount Australian Fashion Week was anything to go by, Lady Gaga has a lot to answer for.

There was an emerging trend that was too hard to ignore… no pants. Now, I’m not talking about the innerwear as outerwear trend that embraces the look of lingerie but rather the fact that ladies aren’t wearing anything to cover up their onesies. You had the one piece and a blazer, the one piece and a blouse… but um… nothing down below.

Luckily I have the happy snaps to share with you… please Nanna, don’t try this at home – or in public!

Designer: Alex Perry

Designer: Lucette

Designer: Miss Unkon

But let’s get serious on this – the dress factor – how much of the legs should we be covering up this Summer party season? I’m seeing sheer, I’m seeing long skirts, but when it comes to the dresses, there was really no leaning towards the floor sweeping gown as a leading trend, or the cropped party mini.

We are about to head into the dead serious party season. Formal event after Christmas party after some type of corporate awards and then drinking affairs are to follow in the coming weeks – then Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years and so on.

What is the correct option ladies? Really, what is better for that formal(ish) event?

I was faced with this question while styling up a shoot for a school formal publication… you know – what is most appropriate for a 17 year old (young adult) to wear first of all, but then in general, to an evening event, is it really meant to be tits and ass?

So, you know what I do in these situations… I go to my industry pro’s, and of course, I share their highly sought after advice with you…

Its Summer, You’re going to a formal event or party – Mini or Maxi?

Twitter @libertyharlow

“Nothing beats the elegance of a flowing maxi gown, the finest of silks draping your silhouette & swirling behind you as you walk. Save the mini for any old Saturday night out on the town, there are only a few occasions in life to wear a long formal gown besides your wedding day. No matter your style, from Brownlows to Boho, a maxi is always the right choice.”

Twitter @RTfrocks
“The maxi is every girl’s best friend. Think of all those fabulous celebs who wear them. From the petite Nicole Richie through to the tall Amazonian model Giselle.
I love how much you can flaunt your sexy favourite assets, think neck, shoulders, bustline and hide your not so good parts in a maxi frock.”

“For a formal event a long flowing gown. There are plenty of long flowing classic dresses that are timeless, classy and sexy available in the stores this season. Just remember if you are going to a formal event– it’s a ‘Formal’ because it’s about elegance and grace – a formal occasion expects long dresses.”

“Both! I would get bored if I couldn’t alternate between the two. I love the elegance of putting on a maxi and the fun of wearing a mini. I have both on high rotation all year round.”

Twitter @AlexPerry007

“This season, I really can’t choose between the two styles! It is really is dependant on a number of factors- If you are tall and want to show off your height, a maxi is the way to go- if you’re petite and have great legs, then mini all the way!

And, bear in mind if you have great legs, it’s always good to show them off. Pay attention to your strongest points and accentuate your height and figure.”

And let’s finish with my 5 cents worth – a few tips on how to pick the right dress for your body shape.

Big Bum – Get a tailored (structured) or fitted dress so you can control the outline of your body and hopefully show off those curves in a sexy way.

Small waist / no hips – A wrap dress (or a faux wrap) because it chops up the body shape and changes our perception when we see you – always a most flattering dress on most body shapes.

Muffin tops and tummy fat – The same principal as above – a wrap dress – or a dress with folds and ruching – hides and camouflages the body shape. Also look for an empire line, the dress drapes from beneath the breasts, taking shape away from the tummy.

You’re a shorty – High-waisted (think maxi) because it falls or flares from under the bust – we totally miss your waistline, bum etc… so we don’t see if you have short legs.

Happy Holiday dress shopping ladies


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