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Arab Film Festival

330-Scheherezadetellmeastory1The Arab Film Festival will be travelling across Australia during the month of July, and this year it comes to Adelaide for the first time.

This festival provides a platform for emerging, developing and established Arab filmmakers to show their screen-based work to broad audiences. 

“Arab filmmakers are making it without Hollywood – they are making films under occupation, in cities of chaos, with limited funds and sometimes no budget at all. We select the best to screen this year to Australian audiences – stories made by Arabs about Arabs – authentic stories – an alternative perspective.” Mouna Zaylah – Festival Co-Director

The Festival has become an internationally recognised event attracting film entries from all over the world. Films have been selected from the Middle East, United States, Europe and Australia. We are excited about the quality of films available for the Festival this year – action-packed drama, documentary’s, thrillers and a collection of experimental and animated shorts.

Two films will feature in Adelaide:  CITY OF LIGHT from the United Arab Emirates and SCHEHERAZADE, TELL ME A STORY from Egypt.  

For information on films and ticketing, go to 

The Arab Film Festival joins the international film festival family at Palace Nova Eastend  alongside annual film festivals from France, Russia, Greece, Germany, and Spain.

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