Architects Shake The Gov To Its (Metal) Core

Architects Shake The Gov To Its (Metal) Core

UK metalcore heavyweights, Architects, and Melbourne’s Thornhill shook audiences at The Gov last week. Get the scoop here.


For the majority, the beginning of this week saw the conclusion of the summer vacation interval and the return to the daily grind for a lot of workers in South Australia. Thankfully for those who like their music on the heavier end of the spectrum, this devastating reality check was softened by a highly respected and adored British progressive metalcore outfit who upheld their promise of returning to Adelaide after a cancellation well over a year ago. This could be viewed as a late Christmas present of sorts, however, Adelaide certainly repaid the effort put forth by the Brits in the gift of a sold-out show at the beloved Governor Hindmarsh. A very promising start to 2018 indeed.

Melbourne’s Thornhill had the distinct honour of the role of support act on this warm and tranquil evening, but this tranquility was rather short-lived, in a positive sense of course. Blending the progressive djent metal formula of the UK’s TesseracT, the innovative post-hardcore of Saosin during their Translating The Name EP era and finally a hint of more modern hardcore for good measure (an aspect where the quintet truly shone); it was a partially peculiar but intriguing amalgamation which in turn, did inspire the growing audience. Adding a technicality that many bands in the similar soundscape could not quite achieve, there was a cinematic atmosphere created by the five-piece that was far from flawless yet stimulating. Temperer, new single Limbo and Outcast were the highlights from Thornhill, with an emphatic stage energy, although the outfit still feel as though they are in development; a maturation that will be worth keeping an eye and ear out for.

in 2009 a relatively unknown band by the name of Architects supported the titans of Australian (and global) metalcore Parkway Drive for one of their many tours of our great nation. This UK based quintet were received warmly and harmoniously in retrospect – truthfully though, this five-piece demanded more attention, to an exponential level. Fast forward to 2018 and that attention is more than apparent, it is affirmatively crushing. Adelaide heavy music enthusiasts were packed impossibly tightly into The Gov and Architects were unquestionably enamoured to deliver all that they could and more to thank their supporters.

Opening with A Match Made In Heaven, the chaotic reaction from the audience was instantaneous with enormous sing-alongs and a world-shaking recoil from the entire room’s vibrancy. Architects’ had opened the gate to their progressive metalcore universe for all there to witness, naturally, they dived in head first to experience the outfit’s exquisitely frenzied world. Downfall, Naysayer, Deathwish, Broken Cross, Dead Man Talking, Phantom Fear, The Devil Is Near (with a powerful speech about Sea Shepherd and its cause), Gravity, These Colours Don’t Run, Gravedigger and the first official live performance of new single Doomsday all transformed the venue into battle zone of cyclone-proportions. Bodies were uplifted, bouncing and voices screaming, but not in dire desperation, but complete adoration.

An extremely demanded encore was rewarded with Nihilist and Gone With The Wind; however, more importantly, was Architects’ message to thank their sadly passed former member and bandleader Tom Searle, who sadly left this world in 2016 after losing a battle with cancer. The band then went on to thank Tom’s brother Dan, their drummer, for his continued artistic drive, spirit and strength in keeping the quintet together. In all honesty, the chants of “Tom” and “Dan” by the audience were beautifully heart-filled and understandably provoked a magnificent emotional response and bravery that will not soon be forgotten.   

By Will Oakeshott

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