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Are you game? Zany steak flavours are on offer at Glenelg’s Marina Pier

Seafire on the Marina has a weekly steak special, and past wacky flavours include Nutella, Bloody Mary, and peanut butter.

If you love steak, these unique flavours will have your head spinning and your mouth watering!

Seafire on the Marina has a weekly steak special, and the wacky flavours range from spicy to sweet.

Past iterations include Nutella steak, peanut butter steak, chocolate chili steak, and bloody Mary cocktail steak, among many others. They keep seasonal and holiday ingredients in mind as well, having served up a white chocolate cranberry steak for Christmas and a pumpkin creation for Halloween.

The Marina Pier restaurant has a dry-aging cabinet, where they age six steak varieties at a time, selecting 12 portions of one new special every Friday. Currently, they’re aging cuts coated in cheeseburger, Romesco sauce, licorice root, native Australian spice and honey, and tom yum soup flavouring.

Seafire’s novel steak flavours don’t get created overnight; The seasoning soak process takes 45 days, after which point the steaks are removed from their coating and served as a richly seasoned cut of meat. Each dish is served with confit cherry tomatoes, homemade onion puree, and a matched sauce. For example, a recent cosmo-coated steak was served with a cranberry, vodka, and lime jus to be reminiscent of the cocktail.

Justin Daysh, part owner of Seafire, says that the two-year-long tradition will soon be serving up some seasonal flavours.

“We started doing this special in November 2019 to create a point of difference,” Daysh says.

“Going into the winter months, we will make more cosy creations.”

In addition to epic, zany steaks, Seafire serves up a variety of delicious-sounding dishes, such as oysters, beetroot or beef carpaccio, pan-fried haloumi, roasted chicken, and a variety of seafood. There are also a variety of other grain-fed steaks as well, and there’s even a steak flight with three different steaks matched with Yalumba Wine!

You can enjoy your unique dry-aged steak alongside your favourite beverage and beautiful seaside Marina Pier views. While they change weekly, the imminently upcoming steaks are cheeseburger and Australian spice and honey, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Find them online here.

Seafire is located in Shop 2, Holdfast Shores Marina Pier, Glenelg.

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