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Are You Really Summer Ready?

Summer means sun and getting those pins out. Are you ready?

When we are in the depths of Winter, we all crave the sunny blue skies of a beautiful Summer’s day. And now, it seems, that the warmer weather really is here to stay – what with the hottest December night in more than a century, it can only get hotter. Everyone knows that Summer always means showing more skin… It is just a necessity. No one wants to be rocking their Winter woolies when it is 40 degrees outside.

We have hit up the experts at Medicine of Cosmetics to find out how we can get our pins (and other areas) Summer ready. Say hello to your new best friend, laser hair removal…

Basically, and I know that most women out there will agree when we say this, shaving your legs is probably one of the most annoying things ever. The time consuming, red rash inducing, constant task is one of the most mundane items on a woman’s ‘to do list’. Enter, laser hair removal. It is the most effective method for long term removal of unwanted body hair and basically means we won’t ever have to shave again. Where do we sign up?

So how does it all work? Well the ladies at Medicine of Cosmetics explained that they use a Class 4 medical grade laser which uses 810nm wavelength (so it is totally safe) to pinpoint the hair follicle. This Diode laser works by projecting a beam of light which is converted to heat and conducted down the shaft of the hair to the hair follicle. The laser is calibrated to target pigment (melanin) in the growing hair. So basically that means that the hair follicle is destroyed without damaging the surrounding tissue.

With so many different treatments to remove hair out there these days, it can all get a little bit confusing. One of the main points of confusion lies with the difference between laser hair removal and Intense Pulse Light (IPL).

To break it down, both treatments produce energy in order to disrupt the growth cycle of each hair follicle to reduce hair without damaging the surrounding tissues. But the main difference lies in the technology that each method uses to generate the light.

So let’s get to the nitty gritty. Laser machines produce a single wavelength of light which has a specific target. They also create more heat directed at the hair follicle than IPL systems, which obviously leads to better results.

IPL does play an important role in the treatment of skin, such as treating pigmentation and fine blood vessels, however when it comes to hair removal, IPL just doesn’t stand up to the results you get from laser.

The idea of never having to shave or wax again is like music to our ears (or in this case, our eyes). Get those pins ready and get set for a hot Summer!

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