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Arnotts Ginger Nut bickies recipe found to vary from state to state

There are FOUR unique versions of this beloved Australian treat, each with its regional twist across our nation’s vast and varied landscapes.

Oooh, Ginger nut bikkies. Zesty. Spicy. A little bit… bitey. They’re a cosy blanket for your belly. A tantaliser for the taste buds. They’re what we all know and love, or so we thought. As it turns out, the Ginger Nut bickie I love might not be the Ginger Nut bickie YOU love.

Hold onto your biscuit tins folks, because this news is gonna shake them.

There’s not just one, not two, or even three varieties. There are FOUR unique versions of this beloved Australian treat, each with its regional twist across our nation’s vast and varied landscapes.

The saga of these biscuits dates back to the 1960s when Arnott’s made an ambitious attempt to unify the Ginger Nut recipe under the New South Wales standard. The goal was a single national biscuit. But true to the independent spirit of Australians, this attempt was met with staunch resistance. The result? An array of Ginger Nut varieties continues to delight biscuit lovers.

Recently, a dedicated biscuit aficionado went on an extensive taste-testing journey, enlisting the help of fellow Ginger Nut enthusiasts from Queensland to Western Australia, and posted a detailed result on a Facebook group. This taste-testing odyssey aimed to rate and review the different regional recipes in detail, providing a comprehensive guide to these distinct biscuits.

In New South Wales and the ACT, the Ginger Nut is the thickest and hardest. Perfect for dunking in a cup of tea, its robust texture ensures it won’t crumble easily. However, according to our taste tester, the flavour leaves much to be desired, lacking the ginger punch one might expect.

Queensland offers a different experience with its thinner, sweeter Ginger Nut, which more closely resembles gingerbread. While its delicate structure means it falls apart quickly when dunked, this variety boasts a delightful sweetness that sets it apart.

Venturing south to Victoria and Tasmania, you’ll find larger, softer, and sweeter Ginger Nuts, reminiscent of traditional European recipes. These biscuits offer a perfect balance of texture and flavor, making them a favourite among many.

The Ginger Nut recipe is a sweeter variation of the Victorian classic in South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory. This version is praised for its excellent dunkability and delicious ginger flavour when paired with a hot beverage.

But why do these regional variations exist? The answer lies in the 1960s when different biscuit companies across Australia had distinct Ginger Nut recipes. When Arnott’s tried to standardise production, loyal consumers resisted, preferring the familiar taste of their local versions. Thus, the regional recipes were preserved, maintaining the unique flavours that each state had come to love.

This regional diversity sometimes leads to confusion, especially in border towns like Albury-Wodonga, where NSW and Victorian biscuits might mix, causing a stir among locals.

While taste is undoubtedly subjective, one thing is clear: Ginger Nut biscuits hold a special place in the hearts of Australians.

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