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Art meets innovation: Neoterica Exhibition opens at Adelaide Railway Station

The exhibition features an impressive roster of 20 artists, including talents such as Eleanor Alice, Jenn Brazier, and Fran Callen, among others.

Image credit: Sam Roberts

In an ambitious celebration of South Australia’s contemporary art scene, the major survey exhibition Neoterica is set to captivate audiences with its unique blend of visual arts and literary responses.

This expansive showcase, which runs from March 1 to April 14 during the Adelaide Festival is a vibrant testament to the creative spirit thriving in the heart of Adelaide.

Located at the Northeastern Concourse of the Adelaide Railway Station on North Terrace, Neoterica emerges as a pivotal event in the state’s cultural calendar. Following the success of its inaugural 2022 edition, this year’s exhibition continues to spotlight the significant contributions of mid-career artists to the visual arts landscape. Curated by Ray Harris, Neoterica is an artist-led initiative that aims to celebrate, support, and create opportunities for local contemporary artists and writers.

The exhibition features an impressive roster of 20 artists, including talents such as Eleanor Alice, Jenn Brazier, and Fran Callen, among others. Their works span a diverse range of mediums—from photography and painting to sculpture and mixed media—each piece reflecting the artist’s unique vision and exploratory approach to their craft. The result is a collection that is ambitious, bold, and deeply personal, showcasing the artists’ dedication to experimentation and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their chosen mediums.

Neoterica’s innovative format extends beyond the visual, incorporating the responses of 20 South Australian arts writers into a printed catalogue. This pairing of artists with writers who have not previously collaborated fosters new relationships and perspectives, enriching the exhibition with a multidimensional dialogue between visual and literary arts.

The exhibition is not only a platform for showcasing the work of local artists but also serves as a nexus for community engagement and professional development. With a program that includes live performances and talks, Neoterica offers local creatives the rare opportunity to develop, exhibit, and publish new work in their home state. This initiative is supported by the South Australian Government through Arts South Australia, the Australian Government through Creative Australia, and the Adelaide City Council, among others.

Neoterica’s strategic timing with the Adelaide Biennial amplifies its impact, providing audiences with a comprehensive view of contemporary art in South Australia. The exhibition’s inclusion in the Adelaide Festival 2024 further extends its reach to interstate and international visitors, offering local artists unprecedented exposure. The choice of the Adelaide Railway Station as the venue, with its significant foot traffic, ensures that Neoterica engages a broad audience, creating new enthusiasts for contemporary art in the region.

This exhibition is a testament to the vibrant and resilient spirit of South Australia’s art community. Through its celebration of mid-career artists and writers, Neoterica not only highlights the rich tapestry of local talent but also underscores the importance of supporting and nurturing the arts. As Neoterica opens its doors, it invites audiences to immerse themselves in the innovative and reflective world of contemporary art, marking a significant moment in the cultural life of Adelaide and beyond.

What: Neoterica, Adelaide Festival
Exhibition dates:
01 March–14 April, 2024
Mon–Sat: 10am–5pm
Sun: 12pm–4pm
Location: Northeastern Concourse, Adelaide Railway Station, North Terrace, Adelaide
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