Assisted Movement is the new gentle gym aimed at rehab and recovery

The facility uses power-assisted machines and therapeutic saunas as part of the workout regime aimed at those with injuries and disabilities.

Are you interested in fitness and physical wellness, but struggle to participate due to injury, disability, or age? If yes, you’re in luck, as Assisted Movement Wellness Centre is offering custom programs and support to help you follow your passion. 

Assisted Movement is a wellness centre that specialises in helping clients to achieve their physical fitness and wellness goals. Incorporating Power Assisted Exercise Equipment in their ‘gentle gym’, Assisted Wellness offers the opportunity for anybody to try and strengthen or heal their body. This is further complemented by their beauty treatment and massage services.

The centre prides itself on offering a caring, supportive, and non-judgmental environment for patrons. Assisted Wellness operates on the belief that mental and physical wellness are linked. This is exemplified in the fitness and gym equipment they have on hand, a suite of high-quality power-assisted equipment designed for all ages and body types. 

One of the major selling points for Assisted Movement is their therapeutic sauna, specifically a Vibrosaun capsule. In essence, it is a self-contained sauna pod that can simulate the effects of a 2–3-kilometre jog, with all the cardiovascular and weight-loss benefits attached. This is obviously a major benefit for people with underlying health conditions and is a staple for Assisted Movement’s inclusive mentality. 

This equipment and outlook are what differentiates Assisted Movement from other gyms or fitness centres, a fact not lost on the clientele. Injury or long-term illness can often knock you out of regular fitness patterns, and Assisted Movement aims to combat this. The equipment is specifically designed for use by those suffering from long-term or disabling illnesses such as arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, heart conditions, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions. Thanks to adjustable settings and a supportive staff, this can assist recovery for injuries as well.

Assisted Movement has their studio at Unit 1,1 Rellum Road, Greenacres.

You can find out more about their centre and the services they provide at their website, here.

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