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At-Home Trivia Crawl is Coming!

Win prizes in the free Prospect Road Trival Crawl, coming to your home on Wednesday nights and hosted by popular comedian Jason Chong.


The Prospect Road Trivia Crawl is coming to your place!

Household bragging rights (plus actual prizes) are up for grabs in The Prospect Road Trivia Crawl – and you don’t even have to leave the house!

This fun, online trivia night will stream from a different Prospect Road shop, with at least $100 in prizes up for grabs every week.

The night will be hosted by local comedian Jason Chong, who developed the idea during isolation as a way of putting the spotlight on local businesses in the Prospect area affected by COVID-19.

Jason says, “So many shops were closed during that lockdown period, it was clear to see how hard every business owner – and all their staff – had been hit. I wanted to do something that would showcase local businesses as they re-opened, while obviously keeping within the changing SA Health guidelines. Plus, these are my favourite places to hang out, and I wanted to make sure I got a table!”

The trivia night will stream on Facebook and is free to play. Participants will need 2 internet browsers open; one to watch the stream and one to vote. For example, players can us a phone browser and a laptop browser. Players can form teams in their household or play as individuals if they’re not talking to each other anymore!

The project has been fully funded by a Prospect Innovation Award, so there is no cost to the businesses hosting a night. In addition, City of Prospect has generously chipped in extra funding to pay for the prizes so that the businesses don’t find themselves out of pocket.

Jason adds, “One round in each show will be about the Prospect area, giving a sneaky advantage to locals. It’s not cheating. Shut up, you are.”

The host businesses are:

The stream is produced by 1UP Digital and will run as a Facebook Live stream at at  7.30pm on 19 & 26 August, and 2 September 2020. Registrations begin at 7.15pm.

Prospect Road Trivia Crawl
7.30pm Wednesdays: 19, 26 August & 2 September 2020 (registrations open 7.15pm)
Where: Facebook Live stream at
Cost: Free!

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