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Audiobook Review: HG Wells: The Science Fiction Collection

SCI-FI: A collection of HG Wells’ five most popular novels, introduced by Eli Roth and each story read by a well-known actor.

Running more than 27 hours, it’s a magnificent set that offers hours of excitement and imagination.

This Audible Exclusive recording brings HG Wells’ five most popular novels to the fore, each read by a well-known and much loved actor who brings new life to the source material that has spawned so many adaptations across the past century.

For the sadly uninitiated, HG Wells’ prophetic novels are the father of modern science fiction storytelling. American filmmaker Eli Roth introduces the collection by outlining with examples, how Wells’ powerful imagination foretold the coming of space travel, mobile phones, gene splicing and more. He discusses how Wells’ stories have endured the test of time by tapping into the condition of the human heart, making them as relatable today as they were when written in the 1800s.

In this superb collection, David Tennant (Dr Who, Broadchurch, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) reads The War of the Worlds in his native Scottish accent. Welsh actor Alexander Vlahos (Merlin, Truth or Dare) follows up with The First Men in the Moon. Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, Tomorrow Never Dies) reads The Time Machine; Sophie Okonedo (Hellboy, Spooks) reads The Invisible Man; and Jason Isaacs (Hotel Mumbai, Star Trek: Discovery) finishes the set with The Island of Dr Moreau. All these actors are at the top of their game, providing unabridged readings with strong character work and sometimes, character voices.

Running at more than 27 hours, this latest collection of HG Wells’ most popular works is compulsory listening for fans of his writing and anyone wanting to discover or revisiting the source material after so many film, television, audio and stage adaptations. It’s a magnificent set that offers many hours of excitement and imagination. Wells’ writing holds up across the years, and is an easy listen, unlike some classic literature which has dated poorly.

As an Audible exclusive, HG Wells: The Science Fiction Collection is available for just one credit on their monthly subscription plan, or $75.97 to purchase the digital download. Either way, it’s a bargain for so many hours of quality adventure.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

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