Never Never by James Patterson & Candice Fox

Audiobook Review: Never Never, by James Patterson & Candice Fox

Detective Harriet Blue is sent to Western Australia to investigate a miner’s disappearance but gets caught in a cat & mouse game with a killer stalking the outback.


Popular thriller writer James Patterson has teamed up with award-winning Australian crime writer Candice Fox in an edge-of-your-seat thriller that is brought to terrifying realisation by narrator Federay Holmes. Like the killer on the loose, this audiobook is unstoppable. It’s nigh on impossible to hit pause.

The focus of the story is Detective Harriet “Harry” Blue. When her brother is arrested for multiple murders, Harry’s Chief sends her interstate to investigate a disappearance at Bandya Mine in Western Australia. His aim is to hide her from the media frenzy that’s about to hit.

nevernever-audioIn the harsh Australia outback, Harry discovers there is more to distrust and much more to fear than her crumbling life back in Sydney. She distrusts her new partner, the mine operators are resistant to her investigation, and there’s a killer on the loose: an ex-soldier who hunts and toys with his victims. When Harry becomes the sniper’s next target, a cat-and-mouse game ensues to save lives, especially her own.

Federay Holmes eats this thriller for breakfast. She’s got the pace, the tension, the emotion and the harshness of the outback all wrapped up in a flawless delivery. She can switch tones from gruff mine worker or tough female cop, to ditzy call girl in an instant. Her voice quivers with fear one moment and hardens with anger the next. She can switch from being dry with thirst to having an emotional upheaval without hesitation.

With clear diction and some stellar acting, Holmes draws the listener into this unsettling tale and commands attention until the end. The parade of characters are not easy to represent, providing an insight into little understood subcultures, but Holmes is believable and three dimensional in every interpretation.

The tight, clever writing may tell the story, but Holmes carries it. The audiobook runs for approximately 7 hours and 44 minutes and should be on every shelf for lovers of excellent crime fiction and thrillers.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Rating out of 10:  10

Released by: Bolinda Audio
Release date: September 2016
RRP: $49.95 CD or MP3 CD

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