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Audiobook Review: The Trusted, by John M Green

A decade after Dr Tory Swyft was recruited into a secret society of radical eco-terrorists, the sleeper cell begins to awake and wreck havoc on the world.

John M Green’s political thriller was released by Pantera Press back in 2013 and has been compared to the likes of John Le Carre and Jeffery Archer. Like many quality Australian novels however, it’s taken a while for an audiobook adaptation to be made.

Thanks to WaveSound, the incredible Taylor Owynns narrates Greens’ first novel in his Tori Swyft thriller series. We reviewed the book last year, along with it’s sequel, The Tao Deception. Both books impressed the reviewer but I dare say the audiobook is even better.

Owynns is a dream narrator and her voice works particularly well for this exciting thriller about eco-terrorism. She is a master of accents who, over more than 30 years, has become known for voicing everything from Bananas in Pajamas to television and public transport announcements.

In this story, Dr Tory Swyft is recruited as a young woman into a secret society of radical eco-terrorists known as The 9 Sisters. A decade later, she has dismissed the experience but other members have moved into positions of trust, infiltrating both governments and infrastructure. When catastrophes begin to strike around the world, Swyft is recruited to try to identify other sleeper agents and stop them from enacting their plans, all the while having to prove her own innocence too.

Green offers a novel full of suspense, action and unexpected twists that keeps the action rollicking along. Owynns keeps pace, providing the emotional depth of the protagonist’s predicament, along with the thrill of the ride. She has a sweet softness to her voice which helps us to care deeply for the main character, while her general narration carries the tension and danger through to the satisfying conclusion and final twist.

The Trusted was released as an audiobook by WaveSound Pty Ltd in March 2016. It runs for just under 13 hours and is available on standard CD or MP3 CD.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Rating out of 10:  9

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