Audiobook Review: Torchwood: Night of the Fendahl, by Big Finish

A gothic tale of storms, creaks and scares as a hapless film crew succumb to their fate and Gwen Cooper is possessed by the core of the Fendahl.

If the quality of this release is maintained this season, it will be an exciting and thrilling year.

In a place called Fetch Priory a film crew is out to make a film that only certain people with twisted fantasies like. This time, they are going to recreate an incident from several decades ago. As the night rolls on and midnight approaches, the last person they expect shows up, but surprising people doing the wrong thing is something Gwen Cooper is used to.

Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood returns for a new series of hour-long monthly releases. As with previous volumes, these focus on the exploits of one or two members of the Torchwood team. In this case, we see the welcome return of Gwen Cooper played by Eve Myles. We also see the return of the Fendahl, famous from the classic 1970s Who serial The Image Of The Fendahl (the cover of this particular release captures the feel of that serial very well). It certainly helps to have seen this serial although if you have not you may only be at a small disadvantage.

Writer Tim Foley has penned a gothic tale of storms, creaks and scares as the hapless crew succumb to their fate whilst Gwen, possessed by the core of the Fendahl, has to fight a war both on the outside and the inside. It moves at a fair clip and the tension at times is palpable.

The supporting cast play their creepy roles effectively and these include Bradley Freegard (Phil), Gavin Swift (Derek), Gerald Tyler (Marco), and Guy Adams (Ged). They are well directed by the cool and steady hand of Scott Handcock, who rarely misses a beat when it comes to giving us scares. He also has the help of an outstanding sound and music mix by Mark Hendrik and Blair Mowat respectively.

As with all Torchwood releases, it is important to note that these audios are for more mature listeners due to adult content, including coarse language, and adult and horror themes, so discretion is advised. There is a short interview with the cast plus a preview of the upcoming release which features the return of Captain Jack Harkness and Jo Grant.

If Big Finish can maintain the overall quality of this release through their run of episodes in this season then it will be an exciting and thrilling year.

Reviewed by Rodney Hrvatin
Twitter: @Wagnerfan74

Released by: Big Finish
Release date: March 2019
RRP (approx.): $18 CD, $8 Digital Download

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