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Since their inception in 1997, Augie March have released four albums. Debut album Sunset Studies is now almost gold, and includes ‘Asleep In Perfection’ and ‘There Is No Such Place’. It scored an honourable mention in Q Magazine’s (UK) Readers Poll for the Best 50 Albums of The Last 15 Years

2188d50c-df5d-4a2a-83d5-858063a433f2Since their inception in 1997, Augie March have released four albums. Debut album Sunset Studies is now almost gold, and includes ‘Asleep In Perfection’ and ‘There Is No Such Place’. It scored an honourable mention in Q Magazine’s (UK) Readers Poll for the Best 50 Albums of The Last 15 Years. Follow-up Strange Bird won wider international acclaim, including 8.2 on Pitchfork and a place in the players of literate pop fans all over the world.

The platinum-selling, AMP Award-winning ‘Moo, You Bloody Choir’ features in many‘Australia’s greatest albums’ lists, was nominated for multiple ARIAs, and features One Crowded Hour which was #1 in the Triple J Hottest 100 (and #24 on Hottest 100 of All-time), won APRA Song of the Year and is some sort of Australian classic.

In 2009, after an eventful thirteen-year journey from Shepparton to Hollywood and back, Augie March announced they were going on indefinite hiatus. For a variety of reasons, the band ceased to exist, and band members all moved on with their lives.

Today Augie March announced that they are ending that five-year hiatus, and that they will be delivering their fifth studio LP towards the end of 2014.

“…those folks down in Australia already own an entire continent, so no need to hog the greatest music they produce for themselves as well, right?” Pitchfork

“..pop music this good—the kind that summons ghosts from the earth while spinning in its own impenetrable orbit—is so rare it often seems like it no longer exists.”  Pop Matters

“ Australian wonders: Augie March are a quintet from Melbourne of jubilant, accessible invention, wrapping the enigmatic songcraft of singer-guitarist Glenn Richards in luxuriant melees of chiming guitars, mountain-stream voices and keyboard grandeur. ” David Fricke Rolling Stone USA
“…achingly beautiful and rewards repeated listens by old hands and newcomers.  Lyricist and singer Glenn Richards proves once again that he is a rare, masterful wordsmith of great depth, charm and wit” The Australian
“I’m yet to see a convincing counter-argument to my assertion that we haven’t produced a genuinely great act in Australia for a decade or more, but I’m not alone in thinking that Augie March may well be the band we’ll look back on in five or 10 years and say, yep, they were the ones. And in songwriter Glenn Richards they have a lyricist without parallel in Australia”
Sydney Morning Herald

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