Aussie Designer Moves From Party Dresses To The Ultimate In Stylish Loungeware

Buy an entire 7 piece capsule collection, or grab a stylish tracksuit, either way you’ll be comfy and Zoom ready at the drop of a hat!

One thing Coronavirus and self-isolating has brought to my attention, is the complete lack of stylish loungewear I have in my wardrobe. It’s one area I’ve let slide, badly, wearing old pilled tracksuit pants, misshapen t-shirts, and whatever jumper I can find that the time. It wouldn’t matter so much, but now that I’m taking random Zoom calls at all hours of the day, and Houseparty chats at all hours of the night, my home attire is suddenly on show. And that’s disastrous. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon a new collection that’s just hit Natasha Gan’s online shop, and it’s changed my life.

Natasha Gan is an Australian designer, who grew up around fashion. Her mum was a dressmaker, and some of her fondest memories as a kid were messing around with her mum’s dressmaking fabrics and trims. Perhaps that’s why her transition from from fashion focused on cocktail to couch was so easy for her – it’s in her DNA.

In the past Natasha has designed for H&M, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Neiman Marcus and Revolve, before moving on to her own amazing range, which focuses on timeless pieces with elegant touches. I’ve loved it for weddings, parties or anything (where you want to feel good and look great!).

When the pandemic hit our shores though, I packed away all my fun Natasha Gan outfits and focused on comfort (albeit without style). Before things got too dire though, Natasha released her new range, and it’s everything I never knew I needed (but I clearly did need).

With mix and match collections, featuring tops, pants, hoodies, jackets and more, it offers comfy fabrics, with a stylish edge, so you can incorporate the pieces into outfits you’d proudly leave the house in, or add some elegance to your dates to Netflix and Chill.

We asked Natasha about the collection and how it came about.

Have you ever thought about doing loungewear pre-coronavirus? What made you decide to do this now? 

To be honest, no. In fact, I’ve been moving more towards eventwear – my customers have been asking for more dresses, dresses, dresses! Ironically, the collection I was working on right before COVID 19 struck was full of pieces you could wear to weddings, parties and occasions. Nothing else! I was so disappointed, I released a few pieces at irresistible prices, but it just didn’t make sense to drop the entire collection 2 weeks into lockdown.
We sold a few pieces, but not enough to keep my staff working – and that ended up being m only goal.We put some safety restrictions in place, and I created a loungewear range as I felt that’s what people needed at the time (I certainly did!)Little did I know it would be such a success – and so enjoyable to flex my design muscles again in an entirely new way. Main thing is my team are all still working and still feel secure about their jobs. There’s only a few of us, but they’re like family to me. I feel so proud that no one’s job or income has been jeopardised.

Are you yourself living in your new range (we imagine you are!)

I was wearing the samples day and night before production, now I like to mix things up a bit with my existing wardrobe – that’s another great feature of the collection, you can up style any of the pieces with a shirt or a pair of jeans. So versatile!

Is the cut suitable for all body types?

One thing I’ve learned designing for Australian women is that they need flexible fits. There are certain places the body doesn’t want to be hugged! No woman wants to feel self-conscious about their tummy or upper arms, so I try to make sure my designs flatter women so they feel confident at any shape or size.

As you have both loungewear and tracksuits – what’s the difference in fabrics?

The lounge is homely but you can also wear it out on the street – that’s how I designed it. The tracksuit is much thicker, more expensive fabric – it’s warmer for sure.

Will there be more styles/colours in this range released if it does well? 

I love that my customers directly message me about colours – they literally guide me. I’ve been asked for baby blue, charcoal and navy to name a few and yes, I’m integrating some new colours into my next collection, which is a little more focused on casual entertaining.

What gave you the idea to sell the whole capsule collections in each colour (we think it’s brilliant)

The bundles have been so popular because you can create 4 or 5 outfits or looks with the same coordinated pieces. I designed them that way because I wanted to offer my customers a simple and practical solution to spending so much time at home. They’ve been so popular!

Have you had any feedback about the loungewear/tracksuits?

People are loving the fit. The cuts maintains that stylish edge because they’re not oversized, yet they’re still so comfortable. I can wear mine with stilettos and still go out!

Can we expect more iso-friendly clothing from you? (I bought a top and long skirt set from you which I haven’t had the opportunity to wear – devastated) Love the idea that we can be stylish AND comfortable at home – and I expect we’ll continue this trend post-covid

Absolutely! I’m designing for our situation in Australia right now and the next few months ahead. I’m working on some more lounge pieces, but as we move out of lockdown, I’m adding in a few new ‘dinner with friends’ pieces. As alway, style quality and comfort is key.

Did you realise how Zoom friendly your neckline features are on your tops?

I had the neckline in focus when I designed these, and yes, I’m working on a few new ones.

Check out the Natasha Gan Loungewear Facebook page here.

Shop the collection here.

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