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Aussies Less Active In The Bedroom, But More Adventurous During Lockdown

South Australia was revealed as the state of sexual happiness, with their overall sexual frequency decreasing by only 13%, the lowest out of all states.


As Australia looks to be making small steps out of lockdown, Lovehoney, the sexual wellness brand, has revealed results from its latest survey, which show that 50% of Aussies have become more sexually adventurous during lockdown.

The findings, from a survey of over 1,200 Australians, also positively found that 74% of those that have been more adventurous, will continue to do so as we return to a new normal.

It seems that Aussies prefer quality over quantity as sexual activity has declined by 25% – down from a pre-lockdown average of 2.3 times a week to 1.7 times a week. However, this is largely down to the fact that so many couples under the age of 35 do not live together and have been unable to see each other as much due to restrictions.

Even though couples may not physically be together, those who are living apart from their partners are finding new and creative ways to keep the spark alive, with 84% of couples fessing up to sharing sex texts and 42% having enjoyed video sex sessions together.

According to the data, the sex lives of those living in South Australia have suffered the least, with residents having only -13% less sex than pre-lockdown days. This was followed closely by those in New South Wales (-15%), Queensland (-26%), Western Australia (-30%) and Victoria (-34%). Of those isolating with a partner, 24% aren’t having sex at all.

Stress is also playing a huge part in Australia’s lockdown sexual habits. Just under two thirds (60%) say that heightened stress during restrictions has impacted sex life for both singles and those with a partner. However, Aussies have found a good coping mechanism. Nine out of ten Aussies (90%) have said that with all the stress from the uncertainty of everything going on, masturbation is a good way to relieve that stress.

Lovehoney’s Sex and Relationship Expert, Chantelle Otten said: “It’s great to see so many couples using sex as a way to boost happiness during lockdown.

“Those couples still living together are being more sexually adventurous and many are seeing an improvement in their sex lives, even if they have to make love a little more quietly so as not to disturb housemates or family.

“According to the data, 30% of Australians have bought a sex toy during the lockdown period. It’s positive to see that Aussies are looking after their sexual wellness during this time.

“Inevitably, overall sexual activity has declined, because so many of us are obliged to live apart and cease physical contact, but many couples are sexting and enjoying video sex sessions through Facetime, Zoom and Skype to make the separation more bearable.”

Lovehoney has seen strong sales throughout the crisis while practising safe social distancing at all times at its warehouse in Brisbane.

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