Australia’s Largest Prawn Cocktail Challenge

The 2012 Copper Cove Marina Festival, to be held on October 6th & 7th, will be challenging the claims of the Queensland Prawn Fishers of having created Australia’s Biggest Prawn Cocktail.

In October 2011, the Queenslanders produced a Prawn Cocktail that contained 60kg of cooked prawn tails, and they have been bragging about it ever since.

Copper Cove Marina Festival Chairperson, Michael Nance, said it is about time that we responded to what is seen as a challenge from the Queensland Prawn Industry, and brought the title of producing Australia’s Biggest Prawn Cocktail to South Australia.

To break the existing record, chefs at Coopers Ale House, Wallaroo Marina Hotel will use:

    •    140kgs of prawns (supplied by the Spencer Gulf & West Coast Prawn Association)
    •    40 x iceberg lettuces
    •    20 litres of Coopers Ale House cocktail sauce

The massive meal will be served in a specially designed and manufactured stainless steel prawn cocktail dish, which will be manufactured in Wallaroo by Riteway Holdings.

WHERE: Coopers Ale House, Wallaroo Marina Hotel

WHEN: Saturday, October 6th, 2012 between 6 & 7pm

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