Australia news ban to be reversed by Facebook

The Australian government has been advised that the ban on news will be removed by Facebook in the coming days.

The Australian Federal Government has announced today that Facebook will be reversing the news ban in Australia.

According to the ABC, the announcement follows an agreement made by Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Facebook Chief Executive, Mark Zuckerberg this morning.

The announcement was made to the public today through an update to Vice President of Global News Partnerships, Campbell Brown’s original statement regarding the banning of news in Australia.

The update states:

“After further discussions with the Australian government, we have come to an agreement that will allow us to support the publishers we choose to, including small and local publishers.

“We’re restoring news on Facebook in Australia in the coming days. Going forward, the government has clarified we will retain the ability to decide if news appears on Facebook so that we won’t automatically be subject to a forced negotiation.

“It’s always been our intention to support journalism in Australia and around the world, and we’ll continue to invest in news globally and resist efforts by media conglomerates to advance regulatory frameworks that do not take account of the true value exchange between publishers and platforms like Facebook.”

The government has been advised the the ban on Facebook news will be removed in the coming days.

More to come.

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