Australia Reveals How Happy It Really Is

Australia Reveals How Happy It Really Is

Australians have been surveyed to reveal their level of happiness.


02J23184copyOne of Australia’s online experience retailers, RedBalloon, surveyed 2034 Australians to unveil their level of happiness when it comes to everyday life in work and play – revealing that Australians are more than satisfied with life overall.

When respondents were asked how happy they are with life overall, one in four said they are ‘very happy’ (25%) and an additional 62% said ‘happy’, with just 10% undecided on how they feel. Only 4% claimed to be ‘unhappy’ with life.

Surprisingly, however, it’s Australians aged 65-plus who claim to be happiest in comparison to all other age categories. Baby Boomers (65+) love life the most, with 92 per cent claiming to be either ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’. The least happy were 25-29 year olds, with 85 per cent choosing either ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’.

“This makes sense as older age groups are most likely to have paid off their home, they’re families are grown and they’re just enjoying life,” says Kristie Buchanan, CEO at RedBalloon.

Results also suggest that happiness could be dependent on periods in the day. Those who wake up at 6am are the happiest out of all respondents (89%). Early evening is a key time of day, with 6-8pm voted by nearly 1 in 3 respondents (27%) as their happiest time of day. Australians might often suffer from post-lunch blues, with 2-4pm only chosen by 4% of respondents as the happiest time of day.

Australians who are very busy at work are very happy with their life overall. This proves that being time poor is no excuse for not having fun.

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