Australian Dance Theatre Company Presents Ignition!

ignitionAustralian Dance Theatre in association with Adelaide Festival Centre’s inSPACE program presents, Ignition!

Can any human movement be dance? Do we have to move to dance? Is talking dancing? Is there dance in stillness? What is dance technique?  Can anyone dance?

With a list of seemingly subversive questions, Australian Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Garry Stewart provides a forum for a group of emerging choreographers to disrupt expectations of what we think dance, theatre, movement, ability and talent are and remind us that art comes from heretical investigation.

ADT dancers and independent choreographers/directors present new short works that bring in to sharp focus the bisection between ‘dance’ and ‘not dance’.

The Ignition program features the formidable and diverse talents of the ensemble of Australian Dance Theatre.

Garry Stewart introduced Ignition as an annual choreographic season in 2000. Ignition provides Australian Dance Theatre dancers and young independent choreographers with the opportunity to develop their nascent skills in dance making as well as firing their imaginations through a creative process.

Ignition has been an important springboard for many of Australia’s most promising choreographers with previous seasons showcasing early works by Tanja Liedtke, Antony Hamilton, Lina Limonsani and Larissa McGowan.

“…do yourself a favour and book a ticket… Get scared, get turned on, and get crazy.” Libertine Magazine

Suitable 15+ years.

WARNING: This show contains partial nudity.

For information visit the Australian Dance Theatre Company website

For any booking queries visit the BASS website

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