Australian Federal Government To Invest $50M To Wildlife Protection

Australian Federal Government announces $50 million investment into bushfire relief and long-term wildlife conservation.

The recent bushfires across Australia have left a devastating amount of damage and as a result gained worldwide attention due to the wildlife and environmental impact.

While many of our homes have been destroyed, an excess of 1 billion Australian wildlife have been wiped out, with various species now becoming endangered in parts of Australia.

Due to the unprecedented damage sustained, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and The Australian Federal Government announced on January 13, that they are going to make an initial investment of $50 million to support the immediate work being done, and invest in future initiatives in order to protect our wildlife.

Initially the $50 million will be broken up into two parts, supporting the first responders and to create a plan for the long-term preservation and benefit of the Australian wildlife and native environment.

The immediately impacted support services said to benefit from the $50 million include on-ground wildlife rescue services, Natural Resource Management groups, Taronga Zoo, Zoos South Australia, Zoos Victoria, plus many more including Greening Australia to increase supply of seed and native plants for revegetation.

Another portion of the $50 million will be used as an emergency intervention fund, and to form a panel consisting of members from various universities and zoos across Australia, headed by Dr Sally Box, the Australian Threatened Species Commissioner.

The panel will be tasked with developing a long-term wildlife protection and habitat restoration plan at a national level, the panel will ensure our native animals are rehabilitated properly and don’t fall into the endangered classification.

The initial $50 million investment has been promised to increase as the Federal Government collaborates with the various organisations and state governments across Australia, to ensure all sectors are working together and the wave of generous private donations received globally are allocated to benefit Australia as a whole in the long-term.

For more on the announcement and fund breakdown, visit liberal.org.au

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