Adelaide Fringe

Australian Premiere The Snow Queen

snow-queenwebAustralian Premiere THE SNOW QUEEN Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen

Join Seattle’s theater simple on their 10th Adelaide Fringe as they recreate a timeless classic for ALL ages in an Australian Premiere.

“Listen! This is the beginning. And when we get to the end, you will know more than you do now.” Fairy tales are never ‘just’ for children … The Snow Queen is everyone’s hero(ine)’s journey – a story of Gerda and her journey to find her lost friend, Kai.

Five actors + one story of seven parts = chaos, invention and magic… Creating over 50 characters in the course of the performance, theater simple has re-envisioned an evocatively timeless story with a raucously smart sensibility that speaks to all ages. This muscular, highly theatrical odyssey includes devious devils, self-absorbed flowers, opinionated crows, a princess, and a ferocious robber band plus the Snow Queen herself, the catalyst for the whole adventure.

“All theatre simple needs to blow audiences away are actors and imagination.” Seattle Weekly ★★★★★

“an absolutely magical production… innovative and entertaining” Global TV, Edmonton, AB Canada ★★★★

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