Australians embrace new lifestyle club ‘Pretty Privilege’ for free luxury goods and exclusive perks

Australians are embracing a bold new initiative designed to sprinkle a touch of luxury into their lives without the hefty price tag.

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Australians are embracing a bold new initiative designed to sprinkle a touch of luxury into their lives without the hefty price tag. Launched at the beginning of May, Pretty Privilege is a lifestyle club that offers free membership and the promise of luxury goods, unique experiences, and even cash rewards.

“Pretty Privilege is a bit tongue in cheek. Unlike exclusive influencer programs that cater only to a select few, our club welcomes everyone. We aim to provide our members with luxurious prizes and exclusive discounts,” Talia Datt, co-founder of Pretty Privilege, said.

In an era where social media often highlights the glamorous lives of influencers, Pretty Privilege seeks to change the access to that lifestyle. Partnering with high-end brands like Bottega Veneta, Dyson, and Acne Studios, the club offers giveaways that attract a lot of interest. It isn’t limited to just products, with experiences and significant cash giveaways also part of the mix.

The company has reported a staggering 400% increase in Instagram followers within two weeks of Pretty Privilege’s launch, seen with their trending videos of giveaway winners and cash scavenger hunts in Melbourne’s CBD. Before officially launching, the club already boasted over 5,000 members, a number that has continued to rise.

“It’s like Flybuys for Millennials!” Talia Datt said.

The club’s partnerships extends to both brands and social media influencers that resonate with their demographic. Recent collaborations have seen products and personalised wishlists from popular influencers and brands featured as giveaway items.

Yasmin, a fashion influencer from Melbourne, partnered with Pretty Privilege to curate a winter fashion Wishlist, which included items from Acne Studios, Bec & Bridge, and Charlotte Tilbury, among others.

“Only in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever work with some of the items and brands included in my Pretty Privilege giveaway,” Yasmin said.

The success has prompted the co-founders to expand their partnerships, exploring opportunities with new brands and even hotel chains. They also plan to introduce exclusive events, enhancing the value of club membership further.

“We have received incredible enthusiasm from partnering brands, influencers, and club members. If Pretty Privilege is already generating such excitement and positivity, then the potential for what we can accomplish and the opportunities we can offer Australians is immense,” Talia Datt said.

Pretty Privilege offers instant access to all current and future giveaways and discounts, ensuring members have continual opportunities to experience luxury.

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