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Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs’ Book Launched

Inspiring Rare Birds, an organisation founded to support women entrepreneurs, today announces the availability of its inaugural book ‘Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs’.

Rare Birds Dust Cover V1.inddInspiring Rare Birds, an organisation founded to support women entrepreneurs, today announces the availability of its inaugural book ‘Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs’. The hardcover coffee table book profiles the journeys of some of Australia’s most significant female entrepreneurs, and is part of the wider Rare Birds vision to inspire 1,000,000 more women entrepreneurs by 2020.

Serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Rare Birds, Jo Burston, got the idea for the movement after visiting her old school and discovering that many of the girls she spoke to either weren’t aware of what an entrepreneur was, or if they were, they thought that it was a man.

“This book is a call to each to ensure that every woman is given the opportunity to be an entrepreneur by choice,” says Burston. “This book is aimed at future changemakers and entrepreneurs to give them the inspiration, skills and resources to create a job, rather than get a job.”

By encouraging the Rare Birds community to gift the book, Burston hopes the book will reach every school in Australia, as well as see a copy on every library, every corporate bookshelf – to reach every woman, inspiring them with the mantra: ‘If she can, I can’.

“We want to inspire women. We want to give current entrepreneurs a voice. We want to allow them to tell their story and share it with our global community, so that a few years from now, when you ask a young girl what she wants to be when she grows up, it’s not so surprising when she says she wants to own her own business or even change the world,” added Burston.

‘Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs’ features the likes of Megan QuinnJodie FoxEmma IsaacsTopaz Conway and Jan Owen on its pages. The book was launched at an event yesterday in Sydney with sponsor EY, and will see separate events in Melbourne and Brisbane in the coming weeks.

EY Oceania CEO, Tony Johnson says EY is proud to support Rare Birds and help them share the stories of the influential Australian women featured in this book.

“Women entrepreneurs are a powerful force in our local and global economies,” Johnson said. “They currently own around a third of all businesses in the world and, in the next five years, the global incomes of women will grow from US$13 trillion to US$18 trillion – almost twice the growth in GDP expected from China and India combined.”

“In celebrating the achievements of these successful Australian women entrepreneurs, we hope to encourage the next generation and give them the inspiration to create their own successful businesses,” Johnson says.

The book is available on the Rare Birds website for $49.50.

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