Australia’s Big Four Unmissable Travel Experiences

When the cold starts to set in it’s easy to start fantasising about your next escape to a beach destination. But with such beautiful destinations right here in Australia, why leave when you can explore such drastically different parts of our own country?

When the cold starts to set in it’s easy to start fantasising about your next escape to a beach destination. But with such beautiful destinations right here in Australia, why leave when you can explore such drastically different parts of our own country?

We asked the people in the know, our friends at The Tailor travel, about their ‘Big Four’ favourite Australian experiences to introduce both their high-flying overseas guests and passionate Aussies to.



Ah yes. A capital city gem (other than the fabulous Adelaide of course!). Especially for those guests traveling from overseas, Sydney is a must. So many Australian icons reside in one city. Even for those who have traveled the globe, Sydney is a bustling unique place to visit. We would always recommend visiting the Opera House in its obscure grandeur, and it may seem typical, but climbing the Syndey Harbour bridge, particularly at dawn or dusk, is life changing. For true luxury The Tailor have their guests stay at Park Hyatt Sydney. Its opulence, service and location combined with spectacular Sydney views make for the perfect inner-city stay.



Our weird and wonderful Australian wildlife amazes people worldwide; mainly because non-Australians think we use kangaroos as a form of transport. Whoever started that rumour did an excellent job. There are an abundance of ways to get up close and personal with incredible wildlife in Australia, but being a proud South Aussies we would say there’s no better place than Kangaroo Island. The Tailor organises stays in the extreme luxury of the Southern Ocean Lodge, the accommodation here is like nowhere else, watch a full video on the lodge here. You can also see koalas in millennia-old native forests, walk among sea lions on pristine white-sand beaches, watch Ospreys wheeling over rocky headlands, keep an eye out for whales along the coastline and of course meet the creature that gives the island its name, the humble kangaroo. KI is an all round amazing experience for people from any walk of life. In addition to wildlife there are amazing coastlines, unusual rock formations, a great sense of remoteness, delicious locally grown produce and passionate locals who love to share their passion for the region with visitors.

1870 Woolshed Nilpena Station-web


Whether you’re a home grown Aussie or an overseas traveler the magic of the great Australian Outback is awe inspiring. The best way to experience it all is through the eyes of people that know and love it. Being so vast, there are obviously many ‘Outback’ locations to visit. And although The Tailor custom creates their packages, and thus have a plethora of locations to choose from, the two that truly stood out for us were Angorichina Station in the Flinders Ranges and Bullo river Station in the Northern Territory(which is used on sole basis, meaning you’re the only ones there!) Both of these different yet amazing locations combined with their knowledgeable, passionate, local hosts make for once in a lifetime experiences. See the workings of a true Aussie Station, ride quad bikes, see dramatic gorges, rivers, floodplains, extensive wildlife, aboriginal rock art, go fishing, horse riding and swimming in picturesque waterfalls! Ignite your sense of adventure in an environment like no other.

Great Barrier ReefGreat Barrier Reef

Its one of the natural wonders of the world for very very good reason. To look down upon it from the air its beauty and sheer size boggles the mind. Landing down amongst tropical rainforests, surrounded by the most vibrant natural colours and crystal clear waters is truly breathtaking. There’s so much to be enjoyed in this beauty part of Australia, and through The Tailor so many ways to do it that we could never imagine. Snorkeling, diving, private massages and spas, gourmet beach front BBQs, watersports, fishing on private beaches, or even private islands if you’re so inclined! You can live the life of luxury or rough it with a but of adventure. Stay as royalty at a location like Qualia or as Crocodile Dundee would on Haggerstone Island. The choice is yours.

Our picturesque country has so many diverse locations that have to be seen to be believed. We at Glam love global jet setting, but it’s so easy to forget how unique our home is. We are continually amazed at the beauty and adventure that Australia keeps offering us.

We believe no single destination can make ‘the best holiday ever’, what creates those lifelong memories are the people and unique experiences you have along the way. The best thing about traveling with The Tailor is the experiences and touches of sparkle they can add, that you would never imagine. The team are experienced in providing the highest possible quality of service, getting to know their clients holiday dreams in depth and not only making them a reality, but going beyond the limitations of the imagination.

To learn more about The Tailor head to their website here.

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