Australia's First Mobile Laundry Launches In Adelaide Today!

Orange Sky Laundry Hits Adelaide With Their Special Initiative!

An initiative that means more than just clean clothes…


Who knew that dirty laundry could be so interesting… Well in this case it really is and for good reason.

When news first spread about Orange Sky Laundry, the story of two best mates Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi and their little idea spread around the world. From America to Germany, news outlets everywhere were talking about it.

So if you haven’t heard, the guys had come up with the idea so that homeless people would have access to a free clothes washing service. Who knew that throwing a few old washing machines and dryers into the back of a van would become what it has…

Having kicked off the idea in 2014 in Brisbane, the boys have now rolled out their service in its seventh location, Adelaide. With over 450 volunteers Australia wide, this is a powerhouse charity doing amazing things.

More than just a clothes cleaning service, the charity has a serious focus on connecting and communicating with the people that they are helping, because a friendly chat can mean more to someone than you might think…

In Adelaide around 180 plus people are sleeping on the streets of Adelaide every night and over 6000 people are classified as homeless in South Australia, so the Orange Sky team are keen to start rolling out and developing their schedule. Peggy the Van has been seen rolling around the streets already doing what she does best with some helpful volunteers!

If you want to get involved with this amazing charity just head here.

Welcome to Adelaide, boys!

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