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AVCon 2024 returns to Adelaide with new theme, and jam-packed program

Get ready for AVCon 2024, Adelaide’s spectacular festival blending anime, video games, and sports!

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Adelaide is gearing up for AVCon 2024, an exciting three-day festival that immerses attendees in a world of anime, video games, and vibrant Japanese culture. Scheduled to take place at the Adelaide Showground from June 28 to June 30, this year’s theme moves into previously uncharted territory for the festival: a sports theme. Attendees are encouraged to participate actively by joining one of four teams – red, yellow, green, or blue – to compete for points and prizes throughout the event.

AVCon 2024 promises to be an engaging experience for fans across various domains. The showgrounds will host an array of activities including anime screenings, an expansive video game zone featuring both classic and modern games, and a bustling artists’ alley. This alley will be lined with stalls featuring unique merchandise and collectibles from beloved anime and video game franchises.

The festival is known for attracting notable guests, and this year is no exception. Australian-born Richard Magarey’s idol group BABYBEARD will perform live. Magarey, better known by his stage name Ladybeard, is a professional wrestler who has found fame in Japan leading this unique musical act. Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from Bryce Papenbrook, an acclaimed English voice actor known for roles in popular anime series such as “Attack on Titan” and “Demon Slayer.” Adding a modern twist to the lineup, Dokibird, a popular VTuber, will also make a virtual appearance, bringing her animated personality and gaming expertise to the festival.

For those with a creative flair, AVCon will host extensive cosplay activities. Attendees are encouraged to dress as their favourite characters, with opportunities to participate in a cosplay competition that boasts impressive prizes. A dedicated area for photographers will help capture the vibrant costumes and memorable moments.

Additionally, the festival places emphasis on community and interactive experiences. It reintroduces the much-anticipated tabletop gaming area, which will include a variety of games from Dungeons and Dragons to various trading card games. For those who enjoy a quieter pace, the curated manga library offers an extensive range of volumes to enjoy, while the maid cafe promises delectable treats and entertaining performances.

This year also sees the introduction of Inktaku, a unique feature where attendees can get tattoos from skilled artists specialising in anime and video game-inspired designs. This new addition is sure to draw enthusiasts eager to immortalise their fandom in ink.

AVCon 2024 stays committed to being a family-friendly event that offers an inclusive atmosphere for enthusiasts of all ages to explore their passions for gaming, anime, and more.

Tickets for the event are now available for purchase online, and attendees can start planning their festival adventures, choosing teams, and perhaps planning their winning strategies.

What: AVCon 2024
When: June 28 to June 30
Where: Adelaide Showgrounds
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