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Best Selling Fringe Show Cirque Africa Extends Adelaide Season

If you missed out on seeing the incredible Cirque Africa during it’s season at Adelaide Fringe, don’t despair. It’s hanging around for a bit longer.

If you missed out on seeing the incredible Cirque Africa during it’s season at Adelaide Fringe, don’t despair. It’s hanging around for a bit longer.

Taking out the spot for the top selling 2017 Adelaide Fringe event, Cirque Africa have decided to stick around and put on more shows at Elizabeth (March 29 to April 2),  Victor Harbor (April 18-30) and Glenelg North (May 3-14).

Cirque Africa, is a one of a kind show that is sure to amaze and enthrall all who see it.
A 100% African cultural experience, Cirque Africa is a vibrant and highly entertaining blockbuster production which transports each audience to the positive side of Africa through modern stage a performance.
Cirque Africa features a world-renowned African troupe, consisting of 25 performing artists from 6 African countries including acrobats, dancers, percussionist, musicians and contortionists, performing a 100 minute awe-inspiring show.
Highlighted with stunning colorful African costumes, high energy knuckle-biting acrobatic acts, humorous comedy traditional, modern original composed music for each act plus vibrant dance routines, this is a superb show is for all ages of the family.
As its a visual show Cirque Africa has no language cultural or religious barriers.
Tickets are available via FringeTIX on 8100 2000.
Read our review for Cirque Africa below. 

Human circuses are a common entertainment but never cease to amaze audiences with just how incredible the human body can be. The real trick for a modern circus is to find a way to make the same feats unique so they’ll stand out from the competition.

Representing Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana, Cirque Africa corners the market with African cultures, bringing with it the colours, dance, songs and celebration of multiple countries.

The Fringe show, in a tent erected in Hindmarsh Square in the city, is a condensed version of the full Cirque Africa experience, but it still manages to run half an hour longer than the scheduled time. The energetic 90-minute show includes a short intermission for the 15+ performers to reset the ring for the thrilling second Act.

Papa Africa is the director and ringmaster, supported by a wonderful two-member band that underscores the excitement with music and song. The ridiculously fit cast of thirteen men and three women engage in heart-stopping balancing acts, strongman feats, human pyramids, impossible spinning and the most sensational pole work you may ever see, featuring 9 perfect specimens of the male physique.

Audience participation is invited with ample clapping, cheering and stomping that adds to the electric atmosphere and is all well-deserved. The one time that four audience members are invited to participate in the ring however, the comedy routine is both funny and ridiculously over-long, particularly for such a short show. It is too much filler, which could be dispensed with to bring the run-time closer to the advertised duration.

If you love circus, love African culture, or simply love a spectacle of colour and music, then Cirque Africa hits the right notes. It’s heart-stopping fun for the entire family.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Rating out of 5:  4

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