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Award-Winning Winemaker Goes Solo To Launch New Label

New wine in SA? We are all over it.

As one of the nine ‘Great Wine Capitals’, it’s fair to say we’re no stranger to incredible wine. From Eden Valley to McLaren Vale to the Barossa Valley and beyond, we’ve got a growing list of impressive accolades on our side with no sign of slowing down.

One woman who has been a part of the driving force behind this is winemaker, Joanne Irvine. Jo has been behind-the-scenes producing wine for a number of award-winning South Australian wineries since 1988 and consulting on varietal, varietal styling, vineyard varietal selection, product appraisal, blending, marketing potential, product profit appraisal, and so on. She was previously awarded as an International Red Wine Maker of the year 2006 (Decanter Awards London), Telstra Business Woman of the Year Finalist 2008 and Barossa Wine Maker of the Year 2009. Not to mention Joanne has also been inducted into the elite Barons of the Barossa for dedication to our region. Now… she’s going out solo.

Jo is launching a brand new South Australian wine label, L’evrier by Jo Irvine. The range will have five varietals from different regions around the state, including a Sparkling Meslier Brut Rosé, Pinot Gris, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. We got a bit of background on the label artwork and it turns out, they’ve chosen gorgeous, ancient works of art which depict heroic greyhounds. Thanks to Jo’s other great love, dogs.

So if you and your friends are the wine aficionados we hope you to be, you’ll want to be across this new drop as soon as it lands on October 25. Here’s a bit more about the vino and labels:

Sparkling Meslier Brut Rosé: This beauty is from the Adelaide Hills is created from Meslier grapes. Meslier grapes are some of the rarest in the world and are use for creating sparkling wines/ (Fun Fact:  there are only two vineyards known in South Australia and only about 20 acre grown in the Champagne region of France)

Pinot Gris: From Eden Valley, this wine is named after Sorter, a Corinthian greyhound who saved the town by awaking the sleeping garrison to give warning of the Greeks attacking, during one of the battles between 432 and 404BC.

Shiraz: From Eden Valley, named after Argos, from 800BC, the legendary greyhound who waited faithfully for 20 years for his master to return from battle, and when his master did return in disguise, Argos was the only one who recognized him…

Cabernet Sauvignon: From Eden Valley, named after Anubis, Egyptian God of the dead, depicted as a man with a greyhound’s head is the protector of graves who ushers souls into the afterlife.

Zinfandel: From Eden Valley, Named after Peritas, one of Alexander the Great’s greyhounds (356 to 323BC) bravely fought a war elephant and Alexander was so impressed he later, named a city after him, gave his brave dog a state funeral and erected a statue in his honour in the city square.

L’evrier by Jo Irvine is officially launching on the 25 October. We’ll keep you updated with more info, pics and stockists as we get word. Stay tuned! If you can’t wait, word is you can get the range at the following restaurants now:

Rigoni’s Bistro 27 Leigh Street Adelaide 8231 5160

Parafield Airport Liquor Store, Kings Road Parafield Airport 82587844

Hutt Street Cellars 253 Hutt Street Adelaide 8232 1570

Belair Fine Wines 9 Russell Street Belair 8278 5222

Tanunda Cellars Murray Street Tanunda 8563 3544

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