Baby Alpacas Are Now At Lot 100, As If We Needed Another Excuse To Visit

If you love alpacas, and beer, wine, gin, or anything good really, then Lot 100 has just rocketed to the top of your “must visit” list.


So when one of the sexiest destinations in the Adelaide Hills, complete with amazing cellar door, epic events, Mismatch Brewing, Hills Cider, Adelaide Hills Distillery, Vinteloper wines & Ashton Valley Fresh, adds two baby alpacas to the mix, you just have to drop everything and go.

As if we needed any more excuses to visit.

News of the new additions dropped on Facebook today, and we’re in love.

Meet Benjamin and Rosie, who apparently can be found bouncing around the grass in the Southern end of the property.

BABY ALPACAS GUYS! I mean, seriously. Just cancel tomorrow and head for the hills. We will be.

Lot 100, Chambers road
Nairne, South Australia

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